Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Modernist Fashion in SL

Redgrave Sweater

This superbly textured sky blue sweater screams quality; its well known across the grid that Redgrave products donot come cheap but the quality is there to be seen and sometimes it is worth splashing out a few lindens to get that cool item that creates an image and highlights the other items your wearing. The sharp Aitui trousers and classic white Fred Perry look great here alongside the wonderful sky blue of a beautifully crafted creation.

Not really an original feature of the sixties nmodernist look the V-Necked sweater has become an essential pillar in the NeoMod sttyle through the influence of casuals fashion, alongside: track, jackets, other sports wear and trainers. The merging of the casuals with the modernists styling has opened fashion doors and allows more flexibilty in your virtual modernist look.

Shiki Cardigan

Shiki make some marevelous clothing that is ideally suit to be absorbed into our virtual modernist fashion designs. This great cardigan [a FREE gift check if its still available] looks fantastic worn with my trusty freebie Diesel jeans and the sharp FS Designs Fred Perry.

Again this look is a casuals standard adopted into my NeoModernist styling. The contrasting blues of the navy coloured sweater and faded blue jeans works well, with the classic white polo not confusing the colour scheme allowing the blues to work with each other to create a sharp, clean look. Although unseen, when matched with some cool white trainers this is a sharp look for any virtual mod heading out clubbing or kicking back in a coffee house to chat and chill.

Sweaters and cardigans are widely available across thre grid so shop carefully some are illconceived and poorly made others are further gorgeous pieces of virtual creation, I only wish I had the talent to produce my own.

Other places to look for the definitive mod sweater would be:
  • ModSquad Designs
  • Dyn
  • Muism
  • Juice
  • Alienation
There are plenty of options available just grab some lindens, be brave and go virtual shopping, they wont bite honest.

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