Saturday, 27 February 2010

So, Soul Mods ...

... whats the big attraction?

There are a few mod night events at the minute that I'd like to attend but sadly they keep clashing with dates so I have to make a choice on which club to attend. This is difficult because there are some very cool venues out there supplying some awesome music, and yet despite this new surge in mod nights I am still drawn to the Soul Mods Mecca, and to be brutally frank I rarely go anywhere else these days. Why?

First up, the DJs, the four residents play the kind of music I like to listen too, its simple really. Thursday night is the mod inspired sounds of Kim, Eden and Sean, they divide the nights on a rota but its irrelevant which one is playing as they can all cut it in the tunes department. Each DJ has subtle differences in their set selection so whilst the music is similar it can be quite a different soundscape depending on which one of them is at the decks.

The three of them keep the crowds entertained with sublime tunes, and Sean has his own unique err style of DJ patter, suffice to say I cant see it being adopted on R2. What can you expect, from Eden and Kim its classics all the way, Kim likes to throw in a lot of ska whilst Eden is the mistress of the sixties beats; Sean likes the obscure or classics with a twist; for example refusing to play Soul Mods favourites the Small Faces but instead playing tracks from Marriots early days or covers of Small Faces tunes. The banter between the punters and the DJs is good, we appreciate the time and effort they put in [well obviously not Sean as he just wings it, but its damn good winging it] and although we mock and laugh we realise we'd be stuffed without them. So its a Thursday night what can you expect, well usually this ...

Friday nights at Soul Mods belong to the Baron, when the club is transformed into the Highlands Room, the pounding heart of virtual Northern Soul. The Baron brings a wealth of soul knowledge to the decks and he leads us on a whirlwind tour back to the heady days of the seventies for some scinterlating soul sounds. For those unfamiliar with Northern Soul I strongly advise that you get yourself to Soul Mods on a Friday night at 9pm for an education in how good soul music can be.

What makes the Baron so good, simple: years of experience, a wealth of knowledge and importantly undiminshed passion for the music he plays. He plays an awesome soul set, throwing in classics that we all know and love with the occassional spike of something rare that we may not have heard for years or perhaps never heard. Its the way the music seamless flows through the set and keeps your feet hot to the beat, at home and on the virtual dance floor. On occassion I have even been known to sing, much to my wife's chagrin; my voice is more the bellowing kind! Marvin Gaye I aint. So join the Baron's group for a heads up on whats happening in the virtual Northern Soul scene, you'll see his board at his gigs, give it a tickle and get onboard. Head to the Highland Rooms on a Friday tune into tracks like this and I defy you to stop your feet from grooving ...

So one big attraction is the music thats played. Another is the hosts Dugi and Aston, they dont hassle you for tips, they dont hassle you with notes to join groups; they dont hassle you with anything just give you a warm hello and let you enjoy the tunes that they enjoy so much. Such great hosts deserve a great crowd, and thats the final piece in the Soul Mods jig saw. the avis that attend and the people behind the keyboard; amongst the coolest wittiest kids on the grid they keep a lively chat line going most nights and happily mock each other and themselves for the entertainment of us all.

So, much as I love attending other gigs these four elements keep drawing me back and my Thursday/Friday virtual life is booked, and I have not even discussed Tuesdays at the AAi, its a tough virtual life, but somebody has to live it!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Youtube Classic

So whats all the fuss about then, if you have a spare half hour indulge yourself:

Its a great documentary that defines a period in northern history, and places Northern Soul in its British urban industrialised context. Its not music for contemplating or chilling too, its music to set your heart aflame, raise you out of the grime and set your feet on fire! And after a forty hour slog or more all you want to do is get out there and dance.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

From plums to Y-Fronts, its a mod world


What started off as a slow burner kicked into action after thirty minutes to become a cracking night in the virtual world, with Kim at the decks and the crowd growing throughout the night it was a blast. Starting off with a couople of preset reggae tracks, as we know Dugi lurves his reggae ... such a pity he missed it, Kim launched into her set proper with some fine beat tunes and stomping ska. As the set gained momentum the crowd rolled in, the chat got madder..bellends and plums, grapes and melons, and bizarrely Cyril Smiths Y-fronts. C'mon you were not expecting that were you.

The usual squad of jokers were present and so the chat box was kept busy and the laughter rolling, our avis foot work was electric and the soundtrack inspired. And, so much for leaving the club nights alone for a while. but I needed an excuse to pop up the you-tube spin by Shocking Blue, one of the outstanding tracks that Kim blasted at us [has a Jefferson Airplane vibe to it, awesome choice Kimmy thanks]. So check it at the end of this spiel.

It was a great night, I had failed to attend several Tuesday night sets so it was nice to be back at the AAi with its eclectic crowd of revellers mixing with the solid mod core of the grid's groovers. So while Scotney Sean had a bath, not virtually thank feck, we grooved to some tunes while Kim fought the lag/crash monsters and Graz, wieghed down by the enormous burden of his plums, also fought the lag. Dugi stood by Aston thru all her logging on issues .. honest he told us he did, well kind of, he 'fessed up straight away. So what better to do than dance, laugh and party. We did it all til I had to leave, but I know the party raged on, these people are too smart to let a good thing fade.

Stand out track:


Monday, 22 February 2010

Poolside Soul

Sunday night, little happening in the world so I logged on and headed over to the OSR HQ Pool Party, what a bounty of pixelated flesh on display. Sadly I missed the dreamy DJ Divine's set but was on time to hear Boone lay down some smoth vibes, but had to leave before Seth hit the turntables ... the demands of life outside of the grid.

So, donning my funkiest swimwear I joined in the groove and began dancing to some smooth soul ...


I think all of the OSR regulars were in attendance, friendly as ever and hugely welcoming to the waifs and strays who found themselves wandering into the soulful pool party.

I have also been mellowing out to my I-Tunes, and pondering over how I can sustain a mod theme through the blog with so many club nights clashing and other clubs on the brink it appears of shutting theuir doors. Love my Soul Mods nights but must get a tad tedious reading about the same events all the time. I can only make so many Scotney jokes before it wears thin. Therefore I might leave off the club nights for a while unless it a spectacular and just make the occassional fashion note when I have some lindens to spare. A lot happening in real life which is also keeping me out of the virtual world and leaving me with little time, I have already badly let down the Moonletters blog and failed to keep making a weekly post; maybe the mod life needs a wee rest to see how things shape up. Still be looking cool, stll be chatting and dancing ... just maybe no longer blogging the minutia of it all for a spell, keep the faith!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Mods on the Grid. Episode seven

Who is next up? Its a supreme modernist fashionista. Well what can one say, check the walls of the Twisted Wheel and you'll note he was present at the heart of the virtual mod scene and he still floats around the scene like a stinging butterfly. He always looks sharp, indeed I have borrowed more than a few clothes choices from this ace face's wardrobe, we even have the same hair, albiet blonde to his raven. Guitar man, scarf champion, cheese and cracker addict, his virtual talents are many and varied, welcome to the podium ... Lupo Lexington

  • Lupo Lexington

Top Mod Clubs:

  • The 5:15,
  • The Twisted Wheel
  • Soul Mods Club
My Top Five Tracks Would Be:

  • I'm gonna get you (LaVern Baker –I’m Gonna Get You, 1966–)
  • I'll Keep Holding On (The Action, 1965
  • Taxman ( The Beatles –Revolver, 1966–)
  • Mr Lucky (Henry Mancini –Music From Mr Lucky, 1960–)
  • Walk On By (Burt Bacharach, —Dionne Warwick, 1964—)

My Top Three Stores Are:

  • The Creators Pavillion (Shopping Mall)
  • Redgrave
  • Trilogy
What is great about being a Virtual Mod:

  • You can eat cheese and crackers in RL while dancing in SL.
What would make Virtual Mod life better

  • Virtual cheese and crackers

Best Mod Band:

  • The Action
Now those essential Smash Hitsian type questions, giving an insight into the inner pschye

My Favourite Colour is:

  • red...............................

My Favourite Cup Of Tea is:

  • Earl Grey..............................

Hob Nob or Digestive? Which one are you?

  • Digestive................

  • Saturday, 20 February 2010

    A Soundtrack to live this life by

    For one reason or another its been a while since I have heard Kim spinning the discs, and it was comforting to note she has not lost her touch for selecting a series of sublime tunes to keep us entertained. Yes, another Thursday at Soul Mods, another two hours of laughter and fantastic tunes; where would I be without it ... err the pub probably. So with the tunes thumping out the beat, and the chat providing a melody the orechestration for tonights entertainment was set. Quite a low key turn out, with some newcomers and a selection who can lose that tag as they are becoming firm fixtures on the Soul Mods dance floor, which is always good to see. Virtual life is fine, seeking your virtual mod experience and ye shall find it.

    It was good to slowly be sliding back into my virtual rhythm, as since the Yuletide explosion its been difficult to establish a regular virtual pattern, I guess several of us have bouts of real life interplay that feck up your established pattern. So it was refreshing to get my virtual dancing shoes on and stride out onto the floor and shake a move. To be fair I was awesome, you never lose it y'know! Kim played a little less ska than is the norm for her set, but she substituted some amazing beat bands in its place and a couple of old but formodable Who tracks; she even managed to make Mr Las Vegas dreariness Tom Jones sound good, no mean feat. A great set, well worth returning to the virtual club scene.

    Poor old Graz and his plums came in for some abuse, as did Sean ,and he wasnt even there as the boot gurlz Eden and Kim sharpened their gestures in pereparation for his next gig. Meanwhile we discussed the merits of wriggling over wiggling, with the idea of jiggling being thrown in to spice up the debate. You just dont get this kind of serious debate at other clubs. The grid wide slow down meant numbers were low, but there were enough of us to have fun, without any drama [drama scares me, and has me running to bed, quick tp nite nite scenario], and after all thats what this virtual life is all about ...real life too: friends laughter and fun, accompanied by an awesome soundtrack. And, as Dugi is so often saying ... as mods we have by far the best soundtrack to live this life by. Laugh on babeee.


    Tuesday, 16 February 2010

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    Check out Noar, as there are some very cool items available here with a real mod style.

    First up is an essential piece of revivalist fashion, the cycling jersey which seemed to be evetywhere amongst young mods circa '81. The brasher and louder the better in cycling jersey design there is no roon for understated subtley, neither in real life or virtual; despite this, the rather wild and bold red spotty design of this cycling jersey may be too much for some. However, married to a pair of cool white jeans, some chilled shades and bowling shoes and I believe you have a great piece of modernist styling. Indeed I liked this look so much I opted to wear it on my return to the virtual mod scene after my week away. Come out of the grey shadows and adorn yourself in a splash of scarlet.

    Another great item is the neat cardigan with a simple graphic stripe design, an ideal sixties piece for wearing over polo shirts with jeans. The bold green stripe and simple black trim are classic retro fashion devices and so work extremely well when attempting to cultivate your virtual mod look. Choose a solid coloured polo and wear the cardigan over it to give yourself a true sixties design. Wear jeans to accentuate the casual nature of the cardigan/polo combination with ideally a pair of iced deserts boots [and if you find some let me know] or failing that your trusty Jeepers Creepers bowling shoes. There is a second sweater that would be great for those modettes outt there or mods bolder than I in startling pink, pink suits are one thing and entire pink wardrobe is a shade too far, but it would be an exceptional piece for those modettes looking to dress down but still have a touch of colour, a bit of flash, whilst wearing denims and polom shirts and at less than a 100 linden your not crying yourself to the bank. A nice sharp relaxed sixties retro look that is easily achievable, so get one!

    Next up, that casuals classic the sheepskin. Not a typically mod piece at all but as the NeoMods absorbed the retro, revivalist and offshoot styles the sheepskin has a place in the pantheon of virtual mod fashion. Reasonable for the price but I felt the prim collar was a touch small and required some serious editting, so although it looked ok in snaps as I moved it looked a tad disjointed. Overlarge male avi shapes lie at the heart of it but what can you do unless you want to look like a dwarf? Anyway, that slight criticism apart its a nice item and if your looking to develop your mod style along casuals lines this would be a good purchase.


    Whats going On..

    No not an excuse to put up the marvelous Marvin Gaye classic, but what's going on with my bleedin' health: man flu and now I have spent three days housebound with a rather ugly stomache bug. Blimey nobody explained middle age was going to be like this I figured it was all slippers and reminiscing not a series of minor illnesses thatr keep me offline and interfere with my blogging, missed two Moonletters because of it, so apologies there.

    Anyway, before the lurgy got me again on Saturday I had a fun night back at Soul Mods where Baron spinned some awesome Northern soul and treated us to a few of his sixties favourites. Outstanding, I really enjoyed myself and the Baron's eclectic sixties choices were fantastic, and even brought about a guitar rush. Yes like a fifties teen film everybody grabbed their guitar and headed to the stage:

    Yes the Travelling Wriggleries [you had to be there] took to showbusiness like a stone to water. But we had fun and it was the begiinings of Friday nights house band with Aston on drums, Lupo on Bass Graz on guitar and Josie on wriggling and guitar. They didnt make much of a tune but they chatted a lot. So, as ever manic mayhem at Soul Mods with an awesome soundtrack to frame our laughter. I mean we even had a gut in a pink dress and suspenders, hey they dug the tunes so who gives a feck ... no drama please, or I'm outa there.

    Another great night full of great tunes and laughter, virtual life is sweet. The Twisted Wheel opted to host a night as well, but as it was clashing with an established fixture I couldnt get to it, hope it went well just wish these clashes didnt happen, so little good music on the grid its a pity to clash, ah well innnocence is bliss.

    Oh and I lied I'm not passing up the opportunity to get a touch of Marvin on my blog, chill ...

    Saturday, 13 February 2010

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    I wouldnt label this coat from SF Design as a strictly modernist item, but it does have an essentially sixties college boy feel to it, I could imagine a Dustin Hoffman type Graduate throwing it on, or a character from a BBC play for today throwing it on before heading out onto the streets of Battersea or Clapham. So a generic sixties style that should be grabbed by an aspring retro virtual modernist.

    Its a beautiful piece of workmanship, with lots of prim attachments and variations of style, the linked collar and scarf is a masterstroke; and it is that design that gives it its sense of sharp retro sixties style. There are prim attachments to wear just a collar or to wear the scarf as a seperate item. But its the linking design feature that gives this particular coat the edge over its rivals and I was delighted to add it to my bulging modernist wardrobe. The black and greys are ideal sixties colour shading and just add to the generalised sixties feel I get when I look at this coat. I urge you to grab one, its essential mod wear for the sixties fashionista.

    Friday, 12 February 2010

    Its good to be Back

    Ah it felt good to be back at Soul Mods after my self imposed [should that read health rather than self]  exile. Eden was on the decks blasting out some fabulous tunes, all credit to her for delivering time after time; its easy to forget the DJ has another life outside of the virtual world that places demands on their time so was great to see half of our top modette DJ crew still firing on all cylinders and delivering a ripper of a set.  I missed the other half who played last week. The regulars were in attendance, Scotney Sean my funnier but uglier alter-ego, our fantastic hosts Aston and Dugi; skankster DJ Kim, superstar dancer Josie and the Northern virtual legend that is the Baron, plus others who drifted in to check the awesome sounds. We may have been small in number but the music was pounding the chat was loud and the fun was electric. Yeah thats it atmosphere, stuff your traffic, your popvox crap its the atmosphere a club has that imbues it with that sense of style thats appealing: the music the people [yeah avis are people too y'know] the chat that create the atmosphere that defines a club and Soul Mods just melds with my virtual senses perfectly. Thats why I always have such a great time!

    Another club where I always have a great time is the Original Soul Rebels HQ, and I popped over there once Eden finished her set whilst I closed down a few techno things and got ready to bid the virtual world goodnight.

    Theyt had a new DJ on the decks, yeah OSRHQ stalwart Seth was laying down some smooth contemporary soul and some masterful classics. I think its early days at the decks for Seth, but judging from his tune selection he is definitely going to collect a crowd, some blinding tracks kept me well happy as I plodded on with business whilst Albion ripped up the dance floor. Agood crowd at the club enjoying some great music and fine times, I'm unsure if there is a better contemporary soul club on the grid, if there is one I'd like to visit it. My stay was brief but a blast, not really a solid contempoary soul fan I'm always enlightened by my visits here and was great to hear some storming soul standards...keep on marchin' on!

    Thursday, 11 February 2010

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    More a US Fifties style house than a British sixties store HellBop however still has a lot to offer the wandering mod fashionista. Beneath the reams of fifties bowling shirts et al are a few gems that are easily transferable into a sixties setting. Amongst my favourites is this electic blue cardigan, matched with some sharp black trousers and my falgship Josef whiteshirt/black tie combination it immediately slots itself into a sixties beat boy look that is prefectly acceptable in modernist fashion terms. It also looks great with poloshirts, T-Shirts and jeans definitely a workhorse fashion item that has a host of variable applications.

    So, while your wondering if you can get away with wearing your dull grey business suit yet again, get a grip , leap on your Vespa and head over to HellBop for a touch of flash ... you know it makes sense.

    Wednesday, 10 February 2010

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    If you're looking to cultivate a skinhead or rude boy look then an essential in your wardrobe has to be a pair of braces, or suspenders as our TransAtlantic cousins prefer to label them. There is a varied selection across the grid but while persusing through the blogosphere I discovered some nice pairs at the Homespun store that might be worth taking a look. Not the brightest of colours which may not appeal to sum they are nonetheless a nice creation and will look good hooked up with your stapress trousers or hiked jeans and boots, and the obligatory polo shirt. If you have not got yourself a set yet, I think they are worth a look and as they come in four different colours that gives you some options, check them!


    Back in the Grid

    What a difference a week makes, Eden has long luscious hair and Sean has been to virtual fat camp, grown longer legs and lost some virtual wieght amazing!

    Yes, lurgy mostly gone I headed to the AAi for Eden and Kim's set, unfortunately Kim couldnt make it so Eden opted to play a ninety minute set on her own, tiring stuff. It was good to be back even if I was quiet and mostly averting my eyes from the screen whilst listening to the cool tunes. An endless stream of whacked chat was flowing across my screen mostly inspired by Sean who cajoled and entertained to the chatmeisters amongst the small crowd. I had heard that crowd numbers had been down, with the odd exception, since the start of the new year hopefully its just a blip and the numbers will recover. To be honest I dont need huge crowds but a nice dozen or so of funny chatters and some great tunes makes all the difference to a limp empty club.

    Anyway, it was a good night which I reluctantly cut short after an hour to ease these aching screen worn eyes back into their virtual environment, and knowing my luck the last thirty minutes had a ground swell and were awesome, such is a mods second life. Dance on, ciao.

    Monday, 8 February 2010

    Modernist Fashion in SL


    Undoubtedly one of the finest fashion sims on the grid, Armidi specialises in uber cool contemporary fashion imbued with lashings of Italian verve and style. A leading virtual fashuion label its creation are not cheap but if you shop wisely you can furnish your virtual mod wardrobe with some classic cuts. For instance, I am unsure there are many better mod trousers than those produced by Armidi. The cut plus the sharp ruffled prim cuffs are a classic sixties stalwart and can clearly define your look as retro when blended with a suitable jacket or shirt. I have worn them to good effect with several neat jacket and tie combinations as well as shirts and sweaters. They have become staples of my virtual fashion identity and come in a wide range of colours. But, the star of this ensemble is the chillingly cool leather jacket. Much more NeoMod than a classic sixties invention I can almost see a real life Liam Gallagher strutting his way towards the mic wearing this tight collared [prim] white leather jacket from the Armidi range. The jacket also comes in a range of colours, I feel the white is the strongest but blow your mind and select what suits your look best.

    Take a good look at what Armidi has to offer.

    Sunday, 7 February 2010

    *This week I have mostly been listening to...

    So when you have been away from the virtual mod clubs what do you do, rely on your I-Tunes and You-Tube.

    When I was a kid in my late teens, this band turned up at the local clubs in the north a lot. mod and alcohol a prefect mix at nineteen!!!

    Now this aint mod music, but it tells us whats its all about.....

    *apologies to the Fast Show

    Mods on the Grid. Episode six

    Top modette DJ Kim is a whacky skankster with a cool line in strange gestures. Co-owner of the super gurly mod shop ModSquad Design ... they have a NEW store y'know; she also shares DJing duties with Eden her partner in ModSquad Designs. Scotney hunter and ace skankster Kim plays a whicked roll call of top ska tunes and can be found playing sets at the AAi and Soul Mods I urge you to catch her sets whenever you can they are a riot of mod, and ska.

    Kims claim to fame: she introduced the virtual globe to Cook da Chicken, fook da chicken

    Doesnt get better than that, so here we have selection from one of the top modettes on the grid ... take it away Ms Sixpence

    • Kimberley Sixpence

    Top Mod Clubs:

    • Soul Mods
    • AAI (ok not a mod club but a club that likes mods)
    • The original Twisted Wheel
    My Top Five Tracks Would Be:

    • When You Call My Name by Stranger Cole and Patsy Todd
    • Tin Soldier by The Small Faces
    • Problems by Desmond Dekker
    • The Kids are Alright by The Who
    • It'll Never Be Over For Me by Timi Yuro

    My Top Three Stores Are:

    • Modsquad designs (soon to be reopening :~)
    • KoKo
    • Trilogy
    What is great about being a Virtual Mod:

    • The people. There is a nice community of people who enjoy good music and good chat.
    What would make Virtual Mod life better

    • My virtual mod life is wonderful :~)

    Best Mod Band:

    • The Who, though the Small Faces run a close second

    Now those essential Smash Hitsian type questions, giving an insight into the inner pschye

    My Favourite Colour is:

    • Purple...............................

    My Favourite Cup Of Tea is:

    • Green Tea..............................

    Hob Nob or Digestive? Which one are you?

  • Hob Nob (chocolate please)................

  • Virtual Hiatus

    So over a week with no blogging, shameful what kind of blogger am I? Lazy sod, idle wastrel or perhaps on deaths row due to manflu; yes. it was the latter. Cough splutter and sneeze while my eyes ache and my head thumps so its been a week away from the grid while the pesky flu fades away. And, what have I missed? A huge party night Thursday at Soul Mods with the club bursting at the seams. Missed a great club night at AAi and 5.15 and also missed the fantastic Baron at Soul Mods Highland suite on Friday. Illness fecked up mu virtual entertainment but hope you all had fun in my absence ... I'm guessing you did.