Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Modernist Fashion in SL

Yum yum a new mod fashion item to blog about. Synonamous with mod fashion is the green parka; there are several available in second life which have been blogged here; but there is always scope for variation. So, when I read the Fade to Grey blog post on a new parka I eagerly sought it out. One of the issues with the brilliant but prim heavy Aoharu parka was getting the prim items to fit the smaller vavatars of the modette. Ostensibly I think the parka was designed as a male only item and this created difficulties for the modettes who bought one. Hopefully there should be no such concerns here as the parka comes in both male and female versions. However, as I loaded up the prim hood on my version I noticed a flaw in the design that left the top of my white T-Shirt exposed. The green jacket under layer was not cut high enough to block the white T-Shirt with a blanket of green and despite extensive position with the prim hood/collar I was unable to satidfactorily position it to block out the T-Shirt and still retain all the elements of the prim attachment. I do wish female designers would bring in a range of male body shapes to try out their designs on as many prim attachments are often too small for male shapes that tend on average to be rather large. I tried a smaller shape once and felt like a dwarf and so reluctantly followed the herd and stuck with my big shape.

But, enough of the gripes and lets put forward some positive comments. The dark olive colour of the coat is perfect, the styling of the coat is good too, although it lacks the classic fish tail that gave the parka its name. The hood collar combination is also a fine piece of work, despite my fitting grumbles, but it lacks a fur trim [also a fundamental element of the parka], the sleeves, pockets and other prim work are very nice and the parka has a very mod feel to it, despite my grumbling. And, despite my grumbling I like it and was happy to buy one. However, its not a cheap item at 380L$, so you may feel inclined to look elsewhere. For the modettes out there I would say its an excellent buy and there will probably be less fitting issues than with the male version; for guys wanting to look sharp its a good option but many could opt for a freebie version if its still available ... its just a virtual guy thing. In the end you pays yer money and takes yer chance; I like it yes its far from perfect but its still a cool piece of virtual mod wear and is now hung up alongside the other coats in my mod folder.


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