Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Modernist Fashion in SL


There are few avatars wandering the streets of Second Life who do not possess a cool pair of shades stuffed away somewhere in there inventory. I have several pairs in mine but that's not prevented me from locating and purchasing more. Therefore when I saw a cool pair on a fashion blog post I immediately clicked the SURL and got myself over to the store to gab a pair for myself.

Iconic sixties styling the round lenses glasses with flip over shades are a classic design and I have often wished for a pair so when I saw this pair from Kumaki it took no time at all to decide I wanted a pair. The glasses are scripted for frame and lense colours, with all the other script function that has become the norm for sunglasses. Additionally it is scripted to raise or lower the flip lense, left and right flipping independently of the other. I love them they remind me of one of my favourite films Withnail and I, where I flips his lenses before revving off in the beaten up jag on their way to the Lake District. Well made, classically sixties, although I concede late sixties rather than the early sixties of the true mod. But, for NeoMods absorbing fashion to recreate modernist styling in the virtual world they could be viewed as an essential piece of eye wear.

While I was in the store I also noted they had a great selection of suits; however as I am being frugal with the lindens I opted just to snap the sales board rather than purchase some more suits. A feeble excuse but hey this ain't GQ is it? Anyway they had an avatar modelling the suits which have a degree of prim wear to give the suits a feeling of depth and fabric movement. They look cool and come in the sombre muted colours of the early mods. I may buy one at some point but if you are looking to get yourself a classy looking modernist suit or just feel the need to expand your mod fashion folder I encourage you to take a look.


Some of you may have noticed there has been a drop off in the regularity of posting on this blog, lots of blogs do this before eventually dropping off into the wilderness. However, I have no intention of taking this route its merely circumstances hat have dictated that less than daily posts get blogged nowadays. Primarily the scene has quietened down a little with only two clubs providing constant sixties and mod inspired tunes; secondly, I am not interested in spending thousands of lindens to flatter my ego and parade myself as a pseudo fashion writer. Lets face facts this is a tiny little blog read by about a dozen great people and I'm just a geezer who like sixties stylings and occasionally likes to have a laugh writing about it and point those with similar interested in the direction of some cool items. I also grab ideas from the cool chaps who frequent the clubs, its a game and I enjoy playing it, I'm not the fashion glossy reporter some hope to be. Finally, I have joked about it a couple of times in world but middle age is playing havoc with my eyes so sometimes I find it a struggle to stare at the screen, which obviously makes blogging quite difficult, its also why I often go quite in club chatting, resting the old peepers. So I have no intention of ending my blogging career but it may enter a period of dramatic slow down, although I will probably do a dozen posts now and render this musing post irrelevant, such is life. See you at the AAi tonight or Soul Mods Thursday.

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