Monday, 27 September 2010

Bollox ...

So here we are again, Phoenix won't let me be anything but a cloud despite several log ins and Lindens own Viewer 2, well thats crashing! So far this week I cant really entertain a virtual life in any real sense so bollox to it for a while, until the technology sorts its @rse out. Hope you are having fun in there!

FYI, err no thats not me

From bad to worse, uninstalled Second Life and Phoenix to reload in the hope of solving the issues I have with both and now... Well Second Life wont install properly it keeps flashing up a bug which stops it downloading, and Phoenix. That is even worse it cant even locate the page that has the download "OOps try this" err oops bugger off. So looks like I am taking a sabbatical from the virtual world for some time as I just cannot be @rsed reloading and fecking about with upgraded tech that merely succeeds in fucking people over. Have fun see you all in world some time in the future, if you're all still there of course.

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  1. When you are a cloud, sometimes if you go to appearance and then close appearance, you can see yourself again. I'm still using the old Linden viewer but this method also worked for someone using the new Linden viewer who I helped at the Community Virtual Library on Info Island. Good luck.