Sunday, 12 September 2010

Big Night Out...

It was Soul Mods Friday with DJ Tabs, so I headed over and began grooving to some amazing great soul tunes. Sadly, there were issues occurring elsewhere in the house so I had to listen to some fantastic tunes while I was busy dealing with stuff in the house. This meant I was absent without Lindens, and Aston seized the moment to shove me into a cupboard. When the homeland issues were resolved I returned to Soul Mods where I found myself dancing away to silence but ... in a cupboard!

Next up I leaped on the OSR landmark and headed off to Boone's rezz day party, a lengthy all nighter with a host of DJs playing disco and funk. The club was jammed to the rafters with all the OSR regulars who were funking away in delirium; whereas, I was struggling with lag who sought solace in a corner. There were some fine tunes being played by DJ Divine and despite being too lagged to groove I was enjoying myself when phut! Crash, the new Phoenix viewer had kicked me out. Not such a Big Night after all ...

Cor blimey, these strange folk unable to teleport or change clothes in an instant, demanded I accompanied them to this place called a pub. There they made me quaff copious amounts of alcohol and called it a birthday bash, very strange and I had to walk home at the end. Strange times! Who knows what lies ahead in the week to come.

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