Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Modernist Fashion in SL

Next to a sharp suit or stylish shoes a sweet hair cut is a crucial badge of mod membership. One of the joys of Second Life is that you can wear as many hair styles as you like in a single day transferring from long to short and vice-versa as the whim takes you. However finding the right mod or NeoMod hair style can prove difficult. But there are several classic styles available to furnish the bald pate of the aspirant virtual mod.

These four cuts are among my favourite modernist cuts in Second Life. Left to right they are: UncelWebb Nick-Hair, the GL MenaceKMADD Hair Design Jude and finally AC* [aka CheerNo] Hair Emotional seamist. Each of these cuts has serious modernist credentials. The UncelWebb is my latest modernist hair style discovery and it has classic mod looks, tight cut with a sharp fringe, its a a very sixties mod look. The GL Menace is an old virtual cut, and a modernist staple for Second Life. Very reminiscent of Paul Weller's modernist cuts its been adopted by several sharp virtual mods. The KMADD cut is more of a NeoMod cut than the first two, its slightly longer styling is more of the length favoured by the casuals of the eighties but its still a fine modernist cut. Finally, the AC* cut is more of a generic mid sixties cut but it is still a great mod cut and worth wearing ... if you can find it, the latter three being quite old cuts. Despite these difficulties they are well worth seeking out to enhance your overall mod look.

Alternative cuts are available, and there are current options at this year's Hairfest. Bryce has three great mod stylings available for FREE in their stall at the Hairfest.There is a cut similar to the KMADD cut, but slightly shorter a more classically sixties. Next to that is the longer more NeoMod cut and underneath UncelWebb but in a different colour, the final cut is a lengthy crew cut a very mod revivalists style, often favoured by the 2-Tone ska mods of the eighties. The three free cuts from Bryce should be grabbed immediately by anyone looking to expand their folder of hair styles, anything for FREE should be appreciated and gleefully shovelled away for future use. I possess allseven of these cuts and quite happily swap between them convinced that each is a credible mod styling and helps to sustain the virtual NeoMod look that I strive to achieve in my Second Life avatar. I am sure other cuts exist, the grid is flooded with hair designers and I guess I will find others as I continue my virtual journey; but for now, these suffice.

the Good Life: Hair and Skins
Hair Fair 2010

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