Thursday, 27 May 2010

Modernist Fashion in SL


I have spent several months searching the corners of virtual fashion hoping to locate a cool crombie overcoat. My initial purchase from Nordic Blasphemy was okay; in the shade it was a passable item, although the skirt layer was too small and the texturing on the coat varable. But the addition of a red prim pocket handhkerchief gave it a more creditable crombie feel. Worn with suitable Dr Martin boots and high cut skinhead jeans and a nice button-down shirt the coat was acceptable if not a stunning piece to add tro your mod warderobe. For, although synonymous with skinheads and rude boys the crombie latterly became absorbed into the eighties revival mod fashion as much of the ska skinhead influenced fashion did during that period. Therefore, its unsurprising that it should feature in a virtual mod fashion that is influenced by akll forms of modernist fashion to culminate in the NeoMod fashion philosophy of the twenty first century. Howver, whilst the crombie was functionable it did not satisfy my wish for an uber cool item that could be recognised as a crombie.

I tried other options including overcoats and also sheepskins which were fine but lacked the sharp mod feel of the crombie. Fantastic items in their own right they could not substitute for an authentic looking crombie. Then whilst browsing through X-Street I saw the westminster coat set from SF Design.

The image used to promote the coat caught my eye and whilst it too lacked the disticnt red pocket accessory, that could easily be resolved. So I splashed out 500 lindens and bought the coat, complete with a cool black suit, white shirt and scripted colour changing tie. Nice additions but the prize was the coat. Prum cuffs, a collar and lower half give the coat a depth the earlier coat lacked, the texturing is also far more consistant. As with all flex hemmed coat it can be a little hit or miss on how the coat hangs and combines with the layered partner but the coat has a good match and the size suits my avatar shape very well. Adding the jazz suit red handkerchief again makes the coat easily recognisable to virtual mods as a crombie. The addition of my GOS Docs and some high cuffed faded skinhead inspired jeans finished the look which i feel is uber mNeoMd despite its obvious seventies skinhead influence. As for the crombie style so far I have yet to find anything that can hold a candle to this particular item. Another fantastic piece of accidental mod design by SF Design

SF Design


  1. thanks Albion !! maybe my 'accidental mods' are subconciously drawn from my personal youth through the 70s and 80s :) btw love the lil anim at the top of ur blog that really does take me back to the early 80s when i was madly in love with the 'grandad shirt and braces' wearing guys LOL omg thats reminded me of how the number of holes on ur doc martens gave a person status lol

  2. Better say nothing than nothing to the purpose...................................................

  3. wow thats deep............