Monday, 22 November 2010

Modernist Fashion in SL

Arrogard Couture & Chelsea Design

A staple of virtual Male Fashion the T-Shirt is the crux of most male avatars wardrobe; however T-Shirts were not really part of the original mods fashion bible but in the world of virtual NeoMods we absorb and the eighties saw a change in attitude and Britpop as merely an extension of the indie movement flooded the NeoMod market with T-Shirt wearing pseudo mods. Besides they are usually cheap, but even so not any T-Shirt will do it must have some relevance to Mods. No matter how well textured a T-Shirt yelling "get yer tits out fer the lads" just isn't mod that's just laddish!

The easiest and mist obviously mod designs tend to be band T-Shirts, showing your allegiance to suitably mod bands illustrates your leanings towards mod culture. So look for the classic Who logo T-Shirts, or the Small Faces or The Jam, maybe you can slide a Blur or Oasis logo in, gut then you need to accentuate the mod in your other items or its assumed your an indie pseudo mod. Adding iconic mod graphics like a target or union jacket just adds to the mod look and increases your identification with the group. Ska logo T-Shirts are equally good, or anything in monochrome that has obviously links to the 2Tone movement that was prevalent in the eighties. Black and white contrast fashion also seems emblematic of sixties fashion and so this kind of texturing with establish links to mod, although in a causal revivalist sense.

While hunting through Second Life's  Market place [aka XStreet] I found this very cool Jam T-Shirt. Its a classic image of the band from the seventies wearing their bleak sixties mod inspired clothing and is used on many real life modernist items. The addition of the union jack  to the graphic adds depth to the texture itself and accentuates the coolness factor of the T-Shirt. If T-Shirts are your thing and you want to declare some mod credentials I suggest you get onto Market place and grab this T-Shirt. Albion wears it with some bright red sixties influence jeans from Juice [plus an underwear layer from somewhere to compensate for the low rider style of the jeans.] Great as the T-Shirt looks additional layers would be hugely helpful to aid the versatility of the piece, mod fashion [even Neo mod with its flouting of a few fundamentals] does not really account for bare mid riffs under scraggy T-Shirts. Hipster styled jeans are great but the T-Shirt needs sufficient length so needs to be a jacket layer or shirt plus underwear combination. Nevertheless its a great looking piece of mod fashion, grab one but don't wear it if I'm wearing mine.

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