Saturday, 27 November 2010

Busy Week on the virtual scene

Its been a busy week in virtual modland, first off I went on Tuesday to the AAi no sim issues this week to listen to Claire Eglund deliver a nice mod set to the AAi regulars. Claire played some marvelous tunes that had a lot of "TUNE" typing scrolling across the chat lines which is always a good sign. I had a great time, listening to some cool tunes hearing some funny lines and generally just hanging out.

In reality I might be camped next to the radiator whinging about a chest infection, coughing and slurping hot tea but in the virtual world I'm feeling groovy and strutting my stuff. Tuesdays at the AAi is well established as a cool mod venue due to Eden and Kims hard work and Claire is doing a great job to continue with the mod theme. If your bored on a Tuesday, love the sixties get over there Claire's DJing will not disappoint and you'll meet a friendly if somewhat odd crowd of mods and pseudo mods having a laugh.

Wednesday night is generally a non-virtual evening but there was bugger all on the telly so I thought I would log on and see what was happening. There was a sixties beat at the Acroplys and sweet soul at the Soulsville club; but, I opted for a non mod night at the AAi. There was still plenty of mod fans at the club listening to Graz play some tunes, and to keep us happy he chucked us the odd bone of mod. Was a funny night lots of silly chat and general music gossip, easy to chill too. AAi regulars were there aplenty: DJ Claire getting into the groove alongside David Essex, oh its Graz, prowling in the seating area was Scotney Sean, whilst mod designer and DJ Eden was swinging her hipster and get groovy; Shauna of the short, short skirt was there she think I have narcism issues [err did I spell that correctly, I was too busy checking how cool I look in the snaps] wherever did she get that notion? And, also there were lord and lady mod Aston and Dugi doing their thang! Other Thom and Meri, who we cheer as the club is theirs and they keep our music flowing, Jelli who'd be lost without a yay, and Josie who has enquired about building a cupboard at the club, strange girl So I chose avies over mod sounds but it was fun and I had a great time. The crowd at the AAi is eclectic in its taste, fractious and humorous and very friendly; And thankfully no rezzing issues tonight so every avatar was wearing trousers and there were no bum cheeks chilling in the cold. Virtual it may be but sympathetic, err nope just l;ike real life first rule of friendship ,,, take the piss. Savages, hahaha!

On Thursday I went for the ha trick, three nights in a row as I logged into Soul Mods to hear Lupo's set. There was a good crowd and a few people dropped in from the OSR which was cool. Its great when crowds from different clubs integrate I like the OSR they have great DJs but sadly most of its nights clash with other things so I don't get there as much as I'd like too. But, I digress, its a bad habit I possess. Back on topic, another great Soul Mods night Lupo played great tunes, Slate confessed to and Alvin Stardust finger fetish, Albion was outed as a girl; hmmm feck that means me I better lose some weight and buy a wig . Not that I'm a narcissist are anything but are forty  seven year old women sporting a No2 cut deemed as being attractive? So the usual craziness in the chat lines, me sober on cough remedies failing miserably to engage with the virtual surrealism, but the tunes were good Lupo has a very different twist that's refreshing to here, I had a great time. Oops got me bra in a twist typing that last bit, how do these things function?

Final night was Friday and much as I enjoyed the previous sets Fridays was something special. Eden was on decks at Soul Mods, a small crowd but they were treated to some awesome tunes that hard my heart pounding. Lots of Hammond to keep me buzzing and tunes that were standards but new interpretations or just outright new to me. As Slate commented it was a treasure trove of tunes. Eden really shone on the track selection front, and all who were there had a marvelous time, magical set that I really really enjoyed myself. Dance animations were thrust into overdrive, while real feet were pounding to the beat and awful voices murdered the lyric, but wow did we all have fun!  We were even able to enjoy an impromptu scooter rally, the joy of Soul Mods is that Dugi didn't clutter the building with stuff so we do actually have room to rev around on our Slate built scooters, it all adds to the madness and the fun of the evening. To fully embrace a crazy night at Soul Mods you must get yourself a scooter. Offat to scour the web now and get those tunes majestic, Enjoy your virtual or real life weekend, it all kicks off again at theAAi Tuesday at nine.



  1. Just dropped by to read my favorite narcissist. lol

  2. hahaha

    I think virtual narcisim is easier than real life; that way i can sit here in scraggy joggers unshaved sipping coffee whilst Albion preens himself in a virtual reality,,i can just lay back and doss about, real life narcism is far too much like hard work. im way too idle for that.

  3. Albion don't try to con me. I know you're sitting behind the computer in a nice suit with perfect hair.

  4. I always imagine Albion RL in sunglasses, dunno why o.0