Monday, 31 January 2011


Such has been my lack of dedication to updating the blog of late I feel I should rename myself Fernando and bugger off to West London in pursuit of a Kremlin financed pipe dream, bitter moi? Anyway this isn't really a post at all its just me shoving up more YouTube videos, which you could easily find yourself, lazy blogging for the idle. Anyway at least I have themed it, all Weller all covers, hope though that visit enjoy a bit of the modfather at his eclectic best.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Lacking all technical ability, not understanding SAM or Virtual DJ let alone possessing them the best I can hope for is blogDJing. Hey its not as good as the skilled technocrats at Soul Mods but its the best an idiot like myself can muster. Anyway if I knew what I was doing these five would probably feature on any current set list, hope you enjoy them and who knows they may crop up anyway if those more talented than I take a fancy to them

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Such Dedication... the Soul Mods cause, even if I say myself!

I guess like everybody else I occassionally get TP requests from friends, who shuush Ive forgotten, and generally I blank them but todays whilst tarting myself up ready for the set at Soul Mods I opted to jump on the scooter and see where it took me.

Arrival was a pleasant surprise, a room full of delightful girls with me the only guy. Okay I'm not convinced guy was on the menu, but given enough time I feel certain Albions walking ego could glean a few converts. So there I am in a room full a half naked chicks and to top it all the tunes are great. The Feelgoods had my feet tapping and other heavy blues from John Lee Hooker etc had me thumping away. Great tunes, cool looking girls does it get any better? In the virtual world it rarely does, even if they aint interested, virtuality can be a cool spectator sport just ask.....

However such is my loyalty to Soul Mods and the coolest of tunes, I forsook this den of sexuality to listen to daft jokes and cool tunes, a soldier to the cause. So next time your thinking of going elsewhere rememeber the sacrifice Albion made, and get your arses there!

Typing this as Slate plays the magnificent seven, ouch you missed a chance there thats why I'm being quiet ...right at this minute, hahaha little in joke in chat there for my own amusement. Highlight has to be Slate's Camblewick Green Mod jingle, had us all laughing and the tunes they had us dancing. One of the advantages of a virtual night life is you can dance all night even when your feet are hammered with ugly blisters. As the stellas flowed and the DJ caught up with his runaway fridge the tunes got louder the foot thumping gopt faster and the fun grew and grew. As always there was a diverse mix of people at the club enjoying the tunes and joining in the bewildering chat that seems to flow endlessly throughout a Soul Mods night out, catch up with it if you can.

Aston, Albion, Dugi, Pusi, Slate, Suzi and Gil, Eden Honeyrose and finally Chocolate dancing up a storm.

At one point Dugi made the earth move for the ladies, sadly the men too as he shuffled the dancefloor, novel adaption of a sprung dancefloor. The software screwed with Slate's tune choice, and we just partied on having a laugh and enjoying ourselves. Naked avatars have their charms I guess but they dont beat a good laugh with yer mates, ciao.

*Remember almost all this is bollox and not meant to be taken seriously, its a daft blog not the Sunday Times, although as thats NewsCorp is there a difference, I'm not tapping yer phone thats one

Friday, 21 January 2011

Modernist Fashion in SL

Sometimes you have an item thats been sat in your inventory and you find that you forgot you had it and when you finally throw it on it opens up a wealth of fashion possibilities. I did this the other day with a simple but nicely textured white cardigan, I threw on a suitably mod T-Shirt with some wild free purple trousers I picked up free from the London Freebies Store and decided I was ideally equipped for that scooter rally to Brighton beach...sadly that sim is no more so I had to make do with a scooter ride around Moonletters. Despite the klack of a promanade I still felt cool on my Slate built Vespa, dressed in white like a mod icream-man, hell yeah babeee. One well made item can exhert a strong influence over several other items sharpening them up and imbuing them with a nice touch of class.

Then a quick change into the fabulous Armidi black trousers and a great black button down shirt from the Unknown Boutique, the all black look offset by the sharp white cardigan giving a more sophisticated look: sharper cleaner more cut for that dance at the local club cica 1964. The cardigan still retains the casualness of the look but the neat shirt and trousers upscale the clothing from the T-Shirt on the beach feel to a more,,all because the lady loves milk tray elegance ideal for a night at the Twisted Wheel, gone but never forgotten.

The shades are free too, a simple textured pair which look okay and suit these looks but there are better sculpted pairs of shades on the market but if you like them , they are yours at Alphavillain.

And, the cardigan, I almost forgot, thats available from Alienated.

Unknown Boutique

London Freebie Store

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Modernist Fashion in SL

This nice free coat is from  +KiiToS!!+  and is available as part of the "for the Season" treasure hunt. just locate the snowman.

Its a very nice item and has a classic sixties feel wrapped up in a more contemporary style. As with most virtual coats and jackets it comes with prim sleeves, collar and hem. Its a simplistic design, and looks good as a mod item, especially a revivalist piece and is well worth seeking out, good quality free stuff should never be overlooked.

Its a unisex item and as with all prim items a bit of tweaking may be required [I only needed to slightly move the collar so it fit better] but that's hardly a difficult task, I mean I can do it so it cant be! A nice addition to your wardrobe go grab one, but leave it a while  so I look individual for a while longer, hahaha.

+KiiToS!!+ Classic Coat (for THE Seasons Hunt)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Idle Slacker

So whats my excuse for dropping my regular post a day schedule to this new rather infrequent ad hoc post regime. Well the demise of several mod clubs and the general quietening the scene has rendered me slightly topicless, I cant really keep blurting on about the same half dozen people at the same club day in day out, its not a virtual soap,,hmmmm light bulb moment. Anyway in essence the quiet is due to my far less frequent voyages into the virtual world and the lessening of subjects for me to get my gums into. Say cheese. But here I am basically cobbling together a bit of a piece on the bits of virtual clubbing I have managed to cram in.

As I scribble this piece of tosh Albion is moon stomping his way to delirium at the Soulsville Club listening to a classy ska and rock steady set playing by DJ PT. The music sounds mellow, mixture of original and Two Tone revisions, the people are fun and the chat is lively. Obviously I am absent from the chat, why? Err because I'm typing here, duh. I often call in at the Soulsville but could hardly be called a hard core regular. They play plenty of good music here with a wide selection of DJs, ska is often on the menu as is northern soul and other soul inspired sets along with a few other odd and obscure selections such as their nineteen twenties night! Hey grab a tux and paste on your best Clark Gable tache. The club is run by Marcus Arkin and you're sure of a warm welcome so try it out there is general some kind of entertainment being delivered from 11am SLT onwards, its currently 1pm SLT and the music doesn't look like stopping yet. 

Now, what else virtual have I been up too?

Obviously, I have attended a few nights at the Soul Mods Club, where Slate McLeod has taken up a Friday residency. As always its quality stuff on the stream, and wild diverse chat that roams across topics at will. A warm welcome awaits anyone who stumbles upon this secret mod haven, just leave the biker boots at home, okay wear them if you must. I have missed a few good nights too, Lupo on a Thursday is a sad miss but sometimes real life and kids interfere with my romantic virtual alter ego, Albion's life is so much simpler than mine. What life? Its not real y'know? Isn't it? Nope, bit like this conversation its just you typing out questions you answer yourself. Bipolar anyone, oh feck!

Anyway I think its Eden on decks at Soul Mods this Thursday so get your bum into gear and get over there, should be heading to the AAi shortly but listening to Gangsters before I rush off, see most of you there ciao.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Modernist Fashion in SL

I have been out repeat buying again, as I grabbed myself yet another parka, that must make five of them hoarded away in my wardrobe now. This particular one was found whilst trawling the Marketplace looking for anything remotely mod amidst the mountains of fashion drivel that pours into the virtual world daily. Touted as a Gallagher Parka I surmised it must have its roots in the new real fashion range by the younger Gallagher Pretty Green, so I was intrigued to see how it would translate into virtual fashion design. On the whole its a very nice item, plenty of variations, plenty of well constructed prim work, hood up or down options; a heavy mod motif or a plainer option all very good. However one blot on the landscape is the rather shoddy work on the jacket layer that means my shirt constantly shows beneath the parka where it is meant to meld into the prim hood. No matter how much i tweak the hood I cannot correct this fault, most irritating on a 300l$ plus item. So a great item marred by a slight lapse in concentration, is it worth the 300plus? Hmmm with so few classically mod items on sale for men its a definite contender and I'm content if not ecstatic with mine. It looks good in the right pose and helps with your cool rating so why not give it a try?

The parka comes in a range of colours and in male and female versions, so options for everyone, being a traditionalist I opted for green but as a Britpop mod I guess you can choose whichever colour suits.

[NSD] Gallagher Parka

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Beer is a dreadful Seductress

So there I was January 30th 2010 scurrying around the metaverse trying to find something suitably cool for New Year in the virtual world, real life interest in going out on New Years eve waned years ago; but, from the comfort of my armchair Pringles and Stella at hand I quite enjoy virtual first footing. Anyway I located a very cool Hussars jacket, I already possessed one but this new one was sculpted with beautiful shiny prims rather than my old layered version. Bish bash bosh bought one and slapped it on, some cool beat trousers nifty shoes and shades and I was sorted. Teleported myself over to Soul Mods and logged off. I planned to log back on already in situ when the festivities began. Hiding Albion away in the clouds I set myself up to parachute down and have a laugh, few beers and listen to some awesome tunes. The wee boy would be asleep in bed and the missus watching some rubbish on TV complaining that I'm grumbling that the TV was much better in was I to be fair!

Hey even the beer is mod, uber cool!

New Years eve arrives, chilly grey afternoon we take the dogs out and call in to drop a few things off at a friends. He says fancy a beer, oh aye Ive not had many what with having flu so I says "ta very much" then we have another, and another. When the box is empty the wife jumps in the car and heads to ours to bring my twelve bottles of Christmas, different real ales. We drink them and start on the sloe gin which we had brought round. Very tasty even if I made it myself. Then at 2am I am rolled out and into the car, off home and so much for a virtual New Year, don't worry I had a nice headache and had to get up to walk the dogs, suitably punished.

What has this to do with the virtual mod scene, bugger all but its my blog and if I want to be self indulgent I can. Here's to some great tunes and happy times at Soul Mods and everywhere else we gather in Second Life, hope 2011 smiles broadly on you!!