Sunday, 2 January 2011

Beer is a dreadful Seductress

So there I was January 30th 2010 scurrying around the metaverse trying to find something suitably cool for New Year in the virtual world, real life interest in going out on New Years eve waned years ago; but, from the comfort of my armchair Pringles and Stella at hand I quite enjoy virtual first footing. Anyway I located a very cool Hussars jacket, I already possessed one but this new one was sculpted with beautiful shiny prims rather than my old layered version. Bish bash bosh bought one and slapped it on, some cool beat trousers nifty shoes and shades and I was sorted. Teleported myself over to Soul Mods and logged off. I planned to log back on already in situ when the festivities began. Hiding Albion away in the clouds I set myself up to parachute down and have a laugh, few beers and listen to some awesome tunes. The wee boy would be asleep in bed and the missus watching some rubbish on TV complaining that I'm grumbling that the TV was much better in was I to be fair!

Hey even the beer is mod, uber cool!

New Years eve arrives, chilly grey afternoon we take the dogs out and call in to drop a few things off at a friends. He says fancy a beer, oh aye Ive not had many what with having flu so I says "ta very much" then we have another, and another. When the box is empty the wife jumps in the car and heads to ours to bring my twelve bottles of Christmas, different real ales. We drink them and start on the sloe gin which we had brought round. Very tasty even if I made it myself. Then at 2am I am rolled out and into the car, off home and so much for a virtual New Year, don't worry I had a nice headache and had to get up to walk the dogs, suitably punished.

What has this to do with the virtual mod scene, bugger all but its my blog and if I want to be self indulgent I can. Here's to some great tunes and happy times at Soul Mods and everywhere else we gather in Second Life, hope 2011 smiles broadly on you!!

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