Thursday, 31 December 2009

Two for 2010

I sincerely hope this isnt reflective of anyone's New Year, if it is I recommend you log on and get yourself over to the OSRHQ, where I hear there's a mammoth party going on, as Boonie and co are definitely............


Modernist Fashion in SL

As often happens on a dull grey morning I often find myself wandering across the grid hoping to uncover some hidden modernist fashion gem. The Ska Shack is hardly hidden but its most certainly a gem. So, what can you expect to find, some classic mod band T-Shirts, the classic Pete Townsend Union Jack jacket, an uber cool outfit from the cult TV series The Prisoner . There is a large selection of Union Jack T-Shirts that filter out onto the mod fashion scene, plus an awesome Soviet sweatwhirt, thats beautifully textured and a fantastic piece of casuals fashion. Worn with a well textured pair of jeans and classic trainers the sweatshirt is classic NeoMod style. The sixties jackets very rare items indeeed, being amongst the very few specific male mod fashion items on the grid, grab them if you can.

Ska Shack

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Mods on the Grid. Episode Two

Next up is the lord and lady of mod, the hosts of the fantastic Soul Mods, Dugi and Aston. Two of the friendliest, most helpful people on the virtual mod scene. The chief Small Faces fans, top groovers and all round wonder mods.

The opening of the Soul Mods co-incided with a renaisance in the virtual mod scene across the grid and they have introduced me to many many fine people across the grid as well as being top supporters of this very blog. Yes, hugely supportive of all things virtual mod, friends to all, they definitely belong up there with the royalty of virtual mods, its a pleasure to count them as my friends.

  • Aston Mindes.

Top Mod Clubs:

  • Soul Mods
  • AA1
  • 5.15
My Top Five Tracks Would Be:

  • Small Faces - If i were a carpenter
  • Four Tops- Bernadette
  • Dobie Gray-Out on the floor
  • The Action - Shadows and Reflections
  • Amen Corner - If Paradise is Half as Nice
My Top Three Stores Are:

  • ModSquad Designs 
What is great about being a Virtual Mod:

  • I can relive my great mods days over again
What would make Virtual Mod life better

  • If there wasn't so much drama
Best Mod Band:

  • My favourite mod band was or is:.Small Faces
Now those essential Smash Hitsian type questions, giving an insight into the inner pschye

My Favourite Colour is:

  • Red..................................

My Favourite Cup Of Tea is:

  • I drink coffee................................

Hob Nob or Digestive? Which one are you?

  • digestive.................. 

  • Name:  
    • Dugi Rubble.

    Top Mod Clubs:

    • soul mods
    • aa1l
    • 5.15
    My Top Five Tracks Would Be:

    • Small Faces, If I were a Carpenter
    • Small Face Tin Soldier
    • Martha Reeve Dancing in the Street
    • Four Tops Bernadette
    • Funk Brother Bernadette [varaiable depending on mood]
    My Top Three Stores Are:

    • ann summers
    • Hey im a feckin bloke
    What is great about being a Virtual Mod:

    • i hear the music i want to hear
      girls wear mini skirts
      why not mod! got a problem with that
    What would make Virtual Mod life better

    • an adult sim and naked modettes dancing
    Best Mod Band:

    • My favourite mod band was or is:.Small Faces
    Now those essential Smash Hitsian type questions, giving an insight into the inner pschye

    My Favourite Colour is:

    • colour of money..................................

    My Favourite Cup Of Tea is:

    • PG................................

    Hob Nob or Digestive? Which one are you?

  • hobnobs..................

  • Micio's Birthday Party

    Headed over to The Mixer  for top mod Micio's birthday party where a good crowd had gathered to listen to a fine set by the birthday girl herself. Some outstanding tunes got people chatting and the place was soon bouncing: a testiment to Micio hard work, must be difficult when your time zone clashes so badly with the majority of mods on the grid.

    It was a real pleasure to hear so many tunes I was unfamiliar with, alongside several cover versions of classics that I'd not heard before..alongside all our favourites. Yes, the tunes really were on fire and I'm expecting a good turn out next time Micio plays a set at the Mixer. A fantastic evenings entertainment, thank you Micio.

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    There I was stuck on another freezing cold day, locked away in the back room that masquerades as a study but is actually where I dump my stuff, yeah guy stuff cds dvds etc. When I am trapped in this wintery limbo what better than to hop onto my virtual scooter and go strolling arounf the virtual stores of Second Life.

    I forget how I discovered Niniko and Ninikoboy, it may have been via a blog or search, maybe a friend passed me a landmark but I found myself wandering the store and noting they had a couple of cool modernist items. I really liked the red vest [tank top really does sound quaint, so Iopted for the Americanised vest ,,, traitor to my language, hangs head in shame], which comes in several colours. It has a prim hem and prim shoulder pieces which i found less than convincing when worn with my shape. Fine for posing for snaps where they can be manipulated but less so for everyday wanderings, maybe I have just set my shoulders too large and I need a more metrosexual shape. Worn with a white polo and jeans the vest looks classically mod and has a wide range of possibilities as it comes as various layers. I have said it before but versatility is the key, multilayering the way forward.

    As I wandered the store I notice some items were exclusive to the Trilogy Rainytown sim store, so hopping on a LM I catapulted myself over there to do some investigating.

    The Trilogy sim seems to be set above a cool reproduction of a tube station, in wet and grim England, the stores have a similar feel and its a cool street to park up on your scooter for the odd snap. But, rather than explore I was here to grab a Ninikoboy shirt. I was thinking of buying another white shirt with a neat prim blacck tie but changed my mind and opted for the black shirt instead. Worn with cool black trousers from Armidi and a neat modernist checkered nelt the shirt/tie combination has a very mod feel and slips neatly into my NeoMod wardrobe.


    Modernist Fashion in SL

    More old suits, this time from SF Design.

    The early sixties mods wore quite dark coloured suits, excepting the occassional splash of white, it was the cut of the suit rather than the colours that seperated their fashion inspiration from that of their fathers. However as the decade progressed and the fashions grew more decadent and the young more daring colours got bolder and fashions more extreme.

    The two suits from SF Designs illustrate this perfectly, the cut is almost identical but the colours and shirts are radically different clearly indicating that there has been a change in fashion possibilities. The black ruffled shirt makes a good foil for the startling pinkness of the suit and is reminiscent of the mid sixties modernists look before it was lost in a hippy haze; whereas the older styling of the brown suit with the button down green shirt is of an early sixties stamp. The black shirt is from an SF Design gothic costume, and the green shirt from the Unknown Boutique, shoes from FKNY.

    Male mod fashion is difficult to find, and these two old suits are no longer available [why the feck you showing them then...there is other similar stuff out there, and the store has newer cool modernist styled stuff] but if your adaptable and purchase multi layerd clothing that can mix and match modernist fashion does exist, its just trickier than being a leather bound metal head, but infinitely cooler!

    SF Design

    Acropolyse Club

    Funny I should waffle on about Northern Soul, as I stumbled upstairs to avoid further miserable Yuletide TV to find a great e-mail from Dugi informing me that Baron Ansome was playing another impromptu set at the Acropolyse Club and Mall. Only had time to grab the virtual talc before logging in and tping over there as fast as I could, I missed one gig and was determined I'd catch this one.

    Ying and Yang indeed, quite a simple club architecturally,,,but the music, ahh the music was bliss. And lets be frank thats what draws us in after all, we all have our different styles and express ourselves in a myriad ways but the music binds us and brings us all together. There's few finer sounds in this virtual world or the real one, than a stream of Northern Soul in full flow and we were treated to that in spades.

    Despite myself I started singing away merrily which is always a good sign that the DJ is storming the house, Baron's experience and skill shone through from the choice of tracks to the way he played the crowd, I was having a ball there I was 15 year old wedged between my two older cousins entering the doors of the Casino, addidas holdhall clasped tightly in my hand grinning insanely at my school harbours memories and I'm grateful to Baron for awakening a few of mine with a blindin' set. We even had a couple of Small Faces tracks as treats for loyal dancers, and who can fault their judgement or loyalty if the music is this good, roll on the next one.

    Out on the floor

    Saturday, 26 December 2009

    Northern Soul: Ying and Yang

    Its often said in life that you cannot have the good without the bad, the essence of ying and yang,,black and white, positive or negative. And so it is with Northern Soul. yes shockingly Northern Soul has a downside. Sacriledge i hear you all cry, burn him at the stake. But I remember it distinctly, check any YouTube video and you'll see the classic Ying and Yang in all its multi-coloured glory.

    The music will waft gloriously over your senses and the dancing will be astounding, the Ying...but the Yang, will be the..flares, the tight T-Shirts, the vests the huge shirt collars..yes seventies fashion is the ball and chain that tugs at the majesty of Northern Soul tunes. Seventies fashion its indefensible despite what geezers in their midfifties say, it was bloody awful I remember it as a kid and it haunts me still.

    However, in the virtual world even seventies fashion has potential, just sidestep the flares and lose yourself in the tunes.

    Yeah Albion can even make flares look cool

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    Muism is not a mod specific store, but it is one of the best high design stores on the grid and its items are never found in the dollarbie bins of Second Life, but items are often given away as group gifts so its well worth keeping an eye on their group information.

    So if it is not a mod specific store, why blog it? Because like most male mod fashion we need to adapt what we can and see if it will meet out mod fashion brief. I think the sweaters and leather jacket from Muism do make classical mod items; I also like the grey trousers which I also think qualify as mod items. So if your looking for some quality virtual design with mod applications get on your scooter and check Muism as there is a lot of potential to become a face on the grid wearing this stuff.

    The more male mods eager to splash a few fashion lindens the better, it might vattract the attention of a few designers who can see a worthwhile return for their design efforts.


    Thursday, 24 December 2009

    A new mod Venue

    OPEN @ 24th DEC 2009
    07:00am - 09:00am (SLT)
    15:00pm - 17:00pm (GMT)
    00:00am - 02:00am on 25th DEC (JAP)

    Opening Party
    13:00pm - 15:00pm (SLT)
    21:00pm - 23:00pm (GMT)
    06:00am - 08:00am on 25th DEC (JAP)
    The Good Mixer

    Mods on the Grid. Episode One

    Well, I decided I would do a kind of Q&A thing in a kind of silly but maybe informative way too, asking about a couple of sensible things and also a few ludicrous ones as is the way with these things. I flung a few note cards out with some scribbled questions and waited to see if I would get a response. Shockingly,,,I did, so here is the first of well who knows how many snippets into the mods on the grid. 

    Who better to start off with than the ace face himself, creator of the majestic Twisted Wheel, reprised several times but most revered in its original form, yes its..Mister Slate McLeod!

    Slate has a had a leading role in the mod community on the grid, builder of fantastic scooters, tailor of fine mod clothing, occasional DJ and esteemed builder of the beautiful Northern England circa '65. A great supporter of all that is virtual mod, Slate is a true gent and plays a damn fine tune too..and I'm delighted he is my first mod on the grid. 

    • Slate McLeod.

    Top Mod Clubs:

    • 5:15
    •  Twisted Wheel
    •  Dugi's Soul Mods
    •  OSR HQ
    My Top Five Tracks Would Be:

    • Small faces - Tin Soldier
    • Georgie Fame - Seventh Son
    • The Action - Never Ever
    My Top Three Stores Are:

    • Hoorenbeek
    •  Gothic Cats
    •  Factory Fashions
    What is great about being a Virtual Mod:

    • The great people and the great music on the scene..........
    What would make Virtual Mod life better

    • More sixties fashions for men !!!.........
    Best Mod Band:

    • My favourite mod band was or is:.The Action
    Now those essential Smash Hitsian type questions, giving an insight into the inner pschye

    My Favourite Colour is:

    • Black..................................

    My Favourite Cup Of Tea is:

    • I drink coffee................................

    Hob Nob or Digestive? Which one are you?

    • digestive..................
    And there you have, the inaugural sooper dooper Smash Hits stylie popster on the grid questionnaire. Many thanks to Slate for taking time out to fill it in. I have another in the pipeline, and sent a few others out so lets see where it goes.

    Tuesday, 22 December 2009

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    A simplistic way to meet your modernist brief is opt for monochrome.

    This sweater from Reaction [who currently have a huge XMAS Sale] fulfills the modernist brief but also has a casuals look to it, ideal for the NeoMod struggling to find something accessible and yet with strong mod links. When in doubtr always go black and white. More casuals than mod, yes definitely; slightly tenuous modernist fashion link, of course - most male mod fashion is unless you stick to free suits and cheap shirts.

    In a world of boundless freedoms this sweater would not make my mod list, but in the limitation strewn mod wardrobe of the grid I include it and though I accept its more casuals than retro mod I still believe it possesses modernist fashion potential. So, leap on your scooter and grab yourself one before the price returns to normal.

    Even more Modernist Musings

    Fuerher wafflings from the comfy chair zone.

    I am wondering just how formulaic my warbling about club nights will eventually get, I think I'm writing the same thing every couple od days and so its highly probable I might decide to invent some ludicrous visitors to the club nights, I think that Ena Sharples may be present at the next mod gig. Obviously not in the literal sense of the virtual arena, just in my sad head to try and waffle on about something differemt.

    What else have I been musing about, I think I am going to try to do my own Smash Hits profiles thing, I was joking about it at the Soul Mods but now think it might work, likelyhood is it wont but what the feck it'll be a laugh. So if you get a notecard questionnaire popped through your box,,,steady ladies...filling it in if you want too bim it if you dont. If you dont recieve a notecard its simple your just not important enough...nah, course not I probably just dont know who you are so IM for one if your that desperate to feature on this, shhhush is that laughter I can hear. So, who should be on my list,,,I'm having a brew thinking about it, volunteers one step forward.

    Other items tumbling through my vacant mind...

    oh aye thats right, Christmas greetings in case I forget.

    err bit of clarification, this is basically and internal monologue of daft ideas its not my intention to reincarnate Ena Sharples in virtual form and invite her to mod gigs, I was merely employing the surreal in an attempt to entertain myself whilst I tapped at the keyboards. Be very wary of taking anything literally or virtually that you read here, after all most of it is made up shite, the rest...thats factual shite.  As for the Smash Hits popsters huh I dont know, great idea accompanied by booze, but...hahahaha, let me know what you think. As if, lol

    Monday, 21 December 2009

    Its Saturday....Its 5.15

    The 5.15 club has firmly established its position in the virtual mod rota after hosting another storming Saturday evening session I think we can confidently say the Saturday night mod slot has been successfully filled. And I for one am delighted, Davey seems happy withn a one night a week format, and I agree that it works well for mod clubs and the 5.15 is definitely the place to be for mods on the grid come Saturday.

    A trio of DJs entertained us exceptionally well this Saturday, with super Slate starting us off playing some awesome tunes .. tunes so good several are now loitering in my Amazon wish lists. Yeah man, it was that good, a real blinder and the building crowd got into the beat and loved it. Once again the crowd was a mix of hard core modsters, soul boys and friends of friends, all out to have fun and hear some marvelous music. No babysitter on a Saturday night, put the kids to bed slap on a stella and log on and your back in 1982 dancing up a storm,,but enough of my life lets get into the Second Life groove.

    Slate's strong mod soundtrack had the floor fully primed and loaded to dance when he passed over to Boone who continuedto send awesome tracks out thru the stream to keep us dancing. And dance we did, as Boone rifled in some cracking northern soul floor fillers and the crowd rose to the beat. Finally it was time for our host DJ Davey to grab the decks and fill the airwaves with some cool vibes of his own. The dancers kept on dancing, the gestures kept on firing and the laughter kept on rolling.

    Saturday is souled out, no room for alteration its mod and its on the beat so get with the groove and loosen up your virtual dancing feet...

    Saturday, 19 December 2009

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    Often viewed as the mecca of the virtual casuals scene Dyn stocks a wide range of real life labels and self creations in the classic eighties casuals style: polo shirts, sweaters, track jackets, etc. This sky blue piece is a fine example of Dyn self design drawing from their real life casual influences. The jacket is beutifully textured baring the Dyn label, labelling an essential feature of this style, with a neat prim collar that gives the jacket that cool casuals look.

    Reaction couldnt be more different its a sporty surfer store, rather than a gritty football inspired fashion style its all about sun sand and surf. But, thankfully there are stylistic crossovers and Reaction have some fabulous track jacket styles that suit the casual look and are a fine addition to your thuggery wardrobe.

    Both jackets are worn with some cool free jeans, with neat prim cuffs, from SD Designs and an old pair of Shiny Things oxblood shoes.

    Whilst not a feauture of classic modernist fashion the NeomMod stylings of the 21st Century draw on classic retro styles, skinhead and rude buy influences plus the casuals and Britpop stylings of those who were inspired by retro mod. In the virtual mod world we can draw on all these plus inject a little individualism into your style...hey man if it fits looks cool and causes a gasp its mod enough for me and I'll jack it in. See you all Tuesday, get with the beat.

    Thursday, 17 December 2009

    Soul Mods Mecca Mega Party

    In our minds we built our little Soul Mods party up to be a thunderstorm,  so was it or was it a sprinkle instead? No it damn well was not a sprinkle, it was a full scale hurricane of mod mayhem and laughter. What a night of delight, snowballs, flamingo thongs, fishnet stockings and a super hero,,all in a single night. Blimey school discos were never quite like this.

    I launched into the club in full swing after my encounter with BBC 1 to be greeted by a snowball in the unmentionables, and to be frank that set the tone for a blindin' night. The entertainment was ballsy, the humour was out there and the music droves us on higher and higher into the air. Eden hammered us with her usual blend in the first set before Kim, ah sweet dwarfy Kim, came along and throttled us with the second hour and when you thought it was all over,,,somewhat sleepy Slate saved us and kept the beat going for another hour or more. When did it end, who knows  I slipped away after the pumpkin hour.

    So, why was this night amongst so many great nights so much wasnt all Yuletide kisses it was serious get on your arse fun: laugh we cried; dancing our little virtual feet off we typoed quicker than a ,,well err,,a fast typist type geezer. Gestured our way up and down the keyboard and kept each other awake by hurling snowballs at the weak and feeble....yeah the dancing was fierce, so fierce poor wee Kim danced her two feet off, quite literally, well virtually. The rest of us, balls of mist or wonder dancing queens we just kept on grooving and entertained each other the best we could. How did we do that, employed the best of British, made virtual fools of ourselves and had fun.

    No Sean again tonight, so we put a replacement in his corner, but he failed to get the groove, as Dugi so rightly saifd he was nought but a square. And as for Sean's sentence, there were plenty of candidates but well a mystery guests filled that slot with...

    you said "I'd do him"

    which brought the house down, context my friends its all in the context .

    Blogged this; blogged thatt but sadly forgot to blog my Rocky Horror undies, ah well there's always next year...keep the groove alive and jump to the beat!

    Club Night

    All you cool mods out there, yes there's another fantastic night planned at the 5.15 club, dont be a fool get with the beat and grab a seat on any available scooter heading in that direction ---->

    Wednesday, 16 December 2009

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    Yes bimbling Yuletide greetings hence the festive headgear, Albion has gone all santa claus on me. I saw these sharp looking shirts on another blog, I forget where and instantly thought they have a kind of NeoMod appeal. I think its the strong design, the bold striping the dynamic colours, the cut of the shirt with the tight prim collar gives it a retro feel and combined with suitable jeans it has definite modernist potential

    Here I have matched it with the uber cool Unknown Boutique white jeans, and the sharp red loafers I grabbed from Muism, the shirt is worn outside of the jeans in a Britpop style, a further nod to its NeoMod credentials. Available in eight colour variations I opted for the red and aqua green, but any of the colour variations will look sharp and give a distinct mod look to your casual jeans and trainers staples. Obviously the santa hat is optional, and best discarded post Dec 25th, is you wish to maintain some semblence of virtual cool.

    When looking for your male mod clothing the dearth of specialist male stores ensures that you have to be somewhat liberal in your interpretation of modernist fashion, this shirt is a classic example, Whilst its look is not exactly mod it definitely possesses a mod feel and in the virtual world of mod fashion, at the moment, thats the best we can hope for.


    Whats new at the AAi Club...

    Err, well, nothing except its moved and has a bigger floor space. The new AAI Club opened its freshly painted doors for the mass of hip young virtual things and to herald a new beginning it launched with a mod night ... awesome!

    I made sure I was early this time as I think Eden slips a few cool tracks in early before kick off and I didnt want to miss out. A crowd quickly gathered eager to have a riotous night of fun, plus we gathered a couple of @rses but they were soon gone,,,and sadly missed, honest. The music raged on and the crowd swelled and really began to succumb to the beat, no Sean tonight but he was  handsomely replaced by this fellah who was walking around with a bucket calling out for Fat Boab wee Eck and Soapy I've enlisted him for this weeks sentence.

    A stomping first hour by Eden as she passed the baton onto Kim, who kicked off [mixing my metaphors tut tut what would my old tutors have to say to that -University wasted on that geezer] will a nice bit of ska, getting into her stride musically if her dancing was somewhat, err, awry shall we say..finding the perfect dance moves aint Kim demonstrated. But, who cares by now the music was on full after burn and we were rocketing to a mod high, dance til your feet bleed and then dance some more. Hey the dancing may be virtual but the feeling couldnt be more real!

    By, this stage the club was heaving with people eager to help Thom and Meri celebrate the relaunch, eager to groove to some chilled mod or just here because its a damn fine place to be! Christmas spirit was in the air I even wore my hat! Would that the music across the grid was this good, the few oasises of cool are getting more numerous but they're still in short supply, celebrate this mod fortress til you ache and just want to drop..then follow Slate's sage 5.15 advice, throw some talc on the floor and dance some more ...maestro... pass me the brut.

    cool girl groovers

    Finally, a word from Oor Wullie, who recieved as secret IM from Sean.....och aye the noo, sorry ah wisnae there folks boot am ashamed to say am on the run, ah disnae ken  if ah can telt yis or hoo ah can carry oan as ah canny live with the shame, och am goain t' telt yis  boot am exposed as a a Cockney in hiding in the burgh. och the shame o' it all am hanging ma kilt in shame an' heading back home to Epping Forest.... well, so Oor Wullie said, but you cant trust these Scots you know...sorry gran, luckily she doesnt read this waffle.

    Chill and be merry polish off the scooter, grab the holly and misteltoe and get yourself to Soul Mods for Thursdays mod christmas blast off, I sense mayhem so be there.

    lunch at Soul Vibrations

    Another search of the grid illuminated another lunchtime soul session, 5am SLT, this time held at the Soul Vibrations club with DJ Fujiyama Yokosuka. If you can be on the grid this time of day in  the UK its possible to catch a few Japanese soul sessions as our asian soul brothers are 9 hours ahead of us and their evening sessions nicely coincide with our lunchtime.

    There was a slow build up of numbers but it was early in the set when I arrived, but a decent crowd had arrived by the time I, unfortunately, had to leave. DJ Fujiyama plays a solid set, his soul selection vary from classics to contempoary soul and the stream is a real dance sizzler. The timing of this session makes it unlikely that I will be in regular attendance but if Im stalking the grid on another Tuesday at around 5am SLT I know where I'll be heading too.

    The club also has a nice continual music stream from a soul station filtering into the club throughout the day which is cool to chill and dance to whilst your in IMs setting the world to rights. Check it, its a cool place to be.

    Soul Vibrations Club

    Tuesday, 15 December 2009

    Christmas at OSRHQ

    Headed out early tonight so not to miss the Original Soul Rebels HQ Christmas party with DJ Divine on the decks. What a blast cool costumes galore, I mean Boone's afro probaby deserves a blog all of its own, great that everyone got into to it and came along in so many fabulous costumes.  I was utterly flabbergasted,, as there were so many slimmed down santas I thought I was in Desperate Housewives the Christmas Movie!! Enough twaddle, lets get to waffle.

    A fabulous night, even though sadly I was in and out, but listening continually even if I wasnt participating. The OSR crew come up with the coolest gestures and all love the music and are eager to share that feeling, its a soul boys or mods paradise and I feel lucky to get into the glow of it all,,and urge you all toi hop on their funky soul train and let it shine on through.

    A DJ Divine set full of classics and things with a Yuletide flavour an ideal set for a virtual Christmas party. The dancers were fully engaged with the tunes and revelling in the funky party atmosphere. Absolutely marvelous, only sorry I had to leave early, but the demands on a virtual mods time are ever increasing...

    Fortunately the party was still in full swing when I tp'd back so I was able to get back with the groove and chill in good company til the midnight hour. Boone was in the hot seat and playing some great souled out Christmas blockbusters,,I had a great time, and judging by the laughter and smiles on show so did those lucky enough to be there for the entire party shift. Check out this club, its well worth the trip.

    Monday, 14 December 2009

    Sunday night on the grid

    Dropped in on the OSRHQ last night for an hour of sultry soul delivered by Cool Jonesford who is a new name to me, but he played some fantastic soul tracks. Barry White, Booby Womack et al late on a Sunday evening is not a bad way to slide off to sleep my friend.

    The majority of the OSRHQ family of friends were present, there's always absentees such is the nature of the virtual world and its relationship with real life,which can often be a fraught one. Its always fun to hang out with these guys, they laugh and joke and care for each other which is cool, everyone is welcomed with open arms and so long as you enjoy the music and get with the beat its drama free and I advise visitors to keep it that way!

    When the soul set was over I hopped on a tp and jumped over to Davey MacIntyre's 5.15 Club, it was very quiet there but Davey was spinning a few cool grooves and the chat was good, so it was well worth hopping over there. To have a great club you need cool people who make you laugh: whether they be few or many, so long as your laughing your in virtual heaven.

    Again I was only here briefly but long enough to hear some cool tunes and crack a few jokes, dancing laughing and mocking..a night out with the virtual mods,,Britain's on the march beware.

    Sunday, 13 December 2009

    Some Fabulous Soul on a Sunday

    Searching the grid discovered this, hope you get a chance to drop in
    Fabulous Soul Club

    Hi There, We are having a Rare Groove party at Fabulous Soul Club. Drop what your doing and come down to party. Starting Time:7AM SLT/0AM in JAPAN

    *Party Information----------------------
       7AM SLT Synco Soulster
       8AM SLT Funkgroovejp Clip
       9AM SLT Nero Basevi

    13th Dec 5:00AM-8:00AM SLT (14:00 Euro/22:00 Japan)
    @Fabulous Soul Club, Soul (9, 209, 23)
    A lucky search find, i had missed the two earlier DJs by the time I arrived at this cool Japanese Soul club but I was in time to catch some of DJ Nero's chilled soul set, sweet music flowed out of the stream and the healthy crowd lapped it up, just disappointed I missed the full set as judging from the comments of those gathered it had been a wonderful afternoon's [in the UK/Europe]soul sizzler. By virtue of Second Life's international population I often miss out on many cool events due to differences in time zones and a shortage of group spaces to allow me to keep up to date with every cool event that happens on the grid, so I'm always disappointed not to make it to those available to me

    It was a lot of fun and interesting to enjoy some smooth soul with a different crowd of people, who were all keen to dance and have fun, the two pillars of any successful club whether virtual or real life. Fabulous Soul club by name and by conception and by action, I will definitely take more interest in the possible search action on a mild Sunday afternoon, that way I can hopefully catch all three DJs sets in their entirity and not just whinge about all I have miised.

    Yep Yulettide soul is in the ascendancy but the groove is still hard funky and soulful, no mawkish Yukletide trash here, a great soulful set and some uber cool funky soul dancing girls too, happy days for a virtual soul boy.

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    There are a few people on the grid who want to wear their real life favourite labels whilst enjoying their virtual existance, there are a lot of cheap freebie branded items out there, alongside some "cheap" items [cheap until you find them in another store for free] but if you're a mod looking to bring your casuals style onto the grid there really is only one store worth looking at - if real life labels are a must. UK Casuals sells sweater, shirts, polos and jackets all real life labelled clothes: Fila, Lyle and Scott etc

    The clothes are well textured and faithful to their real life labels in both cut and style, if real life clothing is your thing head off and buy the lot as you'll rarely find better real life labels on the grid. UK Casuals clothing is also available at Dyn another store that sells real life labels alongside their own in house fashion designs.

    Virtual mod its like the buses.. hang around waiting then two come at once.

    Had real life issues that kept me off the grid yesterday so missed the reopening of the Wheel and the second night at the 5.15 club. Bitterly disappointed as I had a fantastic time at the 5.15 opening but the demands of Real Life, kids etc...take priority, such is a virtual life.

    Hope everyone had a great time at whichever venue you chose to attend, but cant help but think scheduling against each other is only going to cause long term difficulties.

    Friday, 11 December 2009

    Three to wake up too...

    And finally a special one since I know some of these guys they are friends of my mates dad.....

    Saturday at the 5.15 Club

    Davey MacIntyre

    Hello Mods, got another great party lined up for this Saturday night. So pick up your new suit from the tailors, get your hair cut and clean your scooter. Let's take off where we started with that great opening night last week. I made some small changes after last weeks feedback as well!

    12pm -1pm Boone Blanco
    1pm -3pm Slate McCleod

    Other DJs tbc (contact me if you're interested in being one)

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    Occassionally you discover an item in Second Life that fits the mod style without intentionally being designed to do so.

    So. it is with that great collection of items. The star of the look is the jacket from Argrace, it comes in four colours but the best are by far the red and blue in mod terms. Yes, its another harrington jacket, but a sublime designer jacket with a cool prim collar, giving a flash of the tartan lining and prim cuffs. It comes in a jacket form or jacket with sweater format, allowing a touch of versatily in your styling. The textutring is fantastic, as you'd expect from a top virtual design house, and the cut and shaping of the prim items ideal for my shape,,,expensive compared to other items out there but worth a splash.

    Combining the jacket with a white sweater from Muism and iconic mod white jeans from the Underground Boutique allows the colour of the jacket to catch the eye. A standard mod item of the sixties the white jeans look great with several mod items and matched with these cool suede shoes from Jeepers Creepers Shoes they accentuate the retro mod look of the ensemble.

    You want to look retro mod, buy some white jeans and sharp shoes and your half way there.

    Thursday, 10 December 2009

    Two nights of mod

    Like two Peas in a pod, the two T's of virtual mod, Tuesday and Thursday, have rapidly become my favourite days on the grid.

    Another great Tuesday at the AAi club for Kim and Eden's regular mod set. I thought I was a couple of minutes early arriving but the place was already buzzing when I got there. I had to squeeze myself onto the dance floor as I struggled to find a space to allow my moves to shine. It only goes to show its not all milk and honey on the mod circuit, and you need to bee early if you dont want to be put into the shade. There were a diverse group in the club tonight: the usual mod crew and then AAi regulars plus people passing by, all got into the groove and relished the mod moments. Mod lacks the hive mentally of many other virtual music genres and we embrace everything and everyone,,even tantric Sting gets a warm welcome at the AAi mod night.

    Once again there was an excellent turn out, the club is only small but it makes maximum use of its space and the dance floor is rarely empty as mods and wanderers flex those animations to the maximum as the beat pounds out the rhythm that gets your feet moving and your heart soaring. The dynamic duo hit a peak, two outstanding sets, their confidence seems to grow with every set they play as they get better and better. Some outstanding ska from Kim and Eden blew us away with some scinterlating tracks, finishing with the anthemic Small Faces "If I were a Carpenter", quite a sad song now as it heralds the end of another glorious nights entertainment.

    We joked, we laughed and we had fun, can any where on the grid offer any more than that - I think not, finding your place in the virtual community can take time. I'm just glad I found mine.

    And no I didnt forget, Seans sentence of the week is:

     Get it right up yer fiction!

    I'll leave that one to your imagination.

    On we march towards the second night in this tag team of bliss, Thursday at the Soul Mods Mecca, and two more hours of feet blasting tunes. The beat goes on in our virtual mod extravaganza, be sure to book your ticket for a ride to the south side.

    What a bollox, there I was in the midst of another great night when fizz crackle pop, nope not me rice crispies, the bloomin' internet modem box thingy jacked in for 10 minutes,,lets just say the desk got a touch bruised.

    Okay, enough internet twaddle, yep I arrived at the club in full swing as Kim had her set well and truly underway. Fantastic stuff but due to some shoddy BBC scheduling I missed most of it; but judging from the beaming virtual smiles it had been another foot stomper. Passing on the baton Kim handed over to Eden who began to bombard us with a barrage of solid soul standards. thumping out a beat so hard you have to have yoyr legs chopped not to do some foot tapping. If your legs have been chopped off...I apologise, but you can tap your fingers, alls not lost, so get with the beat! Some truly awesome stuff streaming in,,,cor blimey sends a chill down the spine.

    Briefly chatted with Davey MacIntyre who mentioned he was organising another extravaganza at the 5.15 so you better get yourself sorted for that one, miss it and you'll regret it.

    And when it seemed it was all over Sean stepped into the booth to give us a few more awesome tracks to stride out too, the chat rumbled on, mods, Jam, shoes, and the amazing Wilko Johnston..who? Oh dear! We stumbling on into the night as more great mod tunes tumbled out of the stream,,,a glorious modfest of crazy laughter and fine music to enterain the crowd who manfully and womanfully danced on into the night! Some inspiring choices from Sean kept us online way past bedtime,,,,so I just closed my eyes and mellowed out. Is that allowed, too feckin right it is, its called a mod moment. Cherish them my little pixelated friends! And thanks to Dugi I can gesture those mod moments all night long. And thats what makes this virtual mod life so worthwhile...get with the groove, its heading your way.

    Wednesday, 9 December 2009

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    Another wet dreary morning has me idling about the grid checking what's available when I picked up this cool suit at Sister Strawberry. Its inspired by Japanese school uniforms, but in black its look is distinctively retro with great modernist possibilities and for 150lindens I thought it was well worth a splash. The suit/uniform comes with several variations, tartan trousers or black; open jacket or closed; cardigan, various shirt options too and so its very vesatile. The style is more Bratles/ bet group than pure retro mod but in a grid with scant sixties mod resources the virtual mod fashion victim seeks solace where he can and this makes a fine addition to the virtual mods fashion digest.

    Well crafted with lots of neat prim details [shirt cuffs at the sleeves for example]; nice texturing and an eye for sharp design this outfit is a baragain at its price of 150lindens, as I have seen inferior types selling for far more. The grey trim and detailing of the blazer/jacket do emphasise the Beatlesque nature of the styling but it is so well done I forgive it that and matched with my workhorse Josef shirt it definitely looks suitably retro.

    Sister Strawberry

    Tuesday, 8 December 2009

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    Trawling the grid seeking out suitable modernist fashions can be a thankless task, but every so often true treasures can be discovered. I found the Paleheretic design studio early in my virtual experience, they make sharp well textured suits that fit the modernist bill perfectly: thin lapels, three button single breasted. An ideal basis for a modernist twist, which they supply through some highly creatrive patterning.

    This black suit, coupled with my trusty Josef white shirt/black tie [where would my modernist fashion be without it, priceless] is a beautiful example of the designers craft and skilled. What appears to be a simple black suit is given a highly creative twist through the use of cool texturing graphics woven into the texturing of the cloth. The suit jacket comes in both open and closed versons; and there are also two versions of the trousers. A definite sharp mod image is achieved through the suit which looks great with a pair of black FKNY shoes.

    The green Fatigue suit is not quite so easily absorbed into a modernist look as the black Etched suit. But, the issue only lies with the trousers and the jacket is a wonderful piece of mod virtual tailoring. Worn with a green Meriken shirt and these glorious iconic mod whiite jeans from Unknown the jackets tailoring bellows mod from the roof tops. Once again it has thin lapels but four button single breasted, imperct but not so much as to disregard it as a piece of mod fashion. The sharp detailing on the jacket, and the neat quality texturing all indicate its a worthy investment and certain add to your virtual wardrobe.

    Both items have been available for some time and have aged well. Lat time I was in the Paleheretic store there appeared to be no clothing available. A great shame if they're no longer on sale, I contacted Pale Janus to see what the score was..but Ive blogged them anyway as examples of the cool mod tailoring that is to be found on the grid.