Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Modernist Fashion in SL

All mods need a cool pair of shades, its as essential as clean underwear! And recently I was generously given a pair by Ameshin Yossarian of  Curious Kittens that completely blew me away.

Predominantly a gothic style store there would appear on the surface to be little here that should appeal to your standard virtual mod; but, open your eyes a little wider and you might locate a few precious fashion jewells besides these fantastic shades.

There are some amazing hair designs that definitely have a mod feel to them, some of the clothing has that mid sixties feel that many NeoMods love to slip into their modernist stylings. So, if your looking for something a little different this could be the store for your mod look.

One quick example of what can be discovered is this uber cool brown leather shirt, complete with prim fur collar and cuffs. Whilst not classically mod in the traditional booted and suited sense, this creation most definitely has a mid sixties fashion vibe, I think its the fur collar that propels the shirt into retro excess and allows it to be utilised by the NeoMod looking to be a little different and stand out from the crowd, which is excellent considering its only cost you 160lindens. Looking good for a reasonable price is always something to shout about.

Another cool thing you can get the shades for FREE, sharp shades for no lindens, exceptional stuff get out there and spread the lindens love.
Curious Kittens

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