Sunday, 6 December 2009

Modernist Fashion in SL

 Harrington Jackets 

If you were a teenager during the days of the mod revival its highly unlikely that you did not have that standard item of clothing that stamped you out as a NeoMod. The ubiquitous Harrington Jacket, which appeared to be adopted by many of the youth tribes of that era, punks,skinheads, mods etc. Originally a little like Henry Fords motors cars you could have it in any colour so long as it was black, and all with a tartan lining. bBut whilst the tartan lining remained the colour emargo soon fell by the wayside, as first red then sky blue, green, navy jackets came out, culminatinating in the glory of mod revivalism: the union jack Harrignton jacket, did I have one? Of course I feckin' did..all bought from a tiny wee shop on Dalton Road next door to the top Travs pub, means nothing to nobody but feck me I'll collapse if anybody knows it.

Anyway enough reminscing and jogging down real lifes wearisome highway back to the grid and virtual jackets. The first jacket I bought on the grid was a cool navy single layered on the shirt layer version complete with shirt. This single layered shirt combination looks good but its use is limited. Despite this the texturing on the jacket is fantastic, with the zip unfastened to show the iconic tartan lining. A touch short due to being created on the shirt layer, the jacket is a marevelous item despite these minor flaws and well worth seeking out at Nordic blasphemy who have a store on the grid and also sell items via XStreet:

The next jacket I bought I also obtained via XStreet. This cheap and cheerful jacket is neatly textured and carries a neat Trojan Record label graphic on the sleeve.
Created on the jacket layer,with no inbuilt shirt texture this jacket is more flexible than Nordics as you can wear seperate shirts, such as the FS Design polo in this shot. By allowing the use of seperate shirt layer the designer has created a far more flexible item than the single layered multitextured item. Whilst we may not be creating clothing many fashionistas in SL do like to create their own look by mixing and matching various items. I really like this jacket the little graphic badge on the sleeve gives this a skinhead feel, and the homage to the classic ska reggae label Trojan is a cool addition to the jacket, which is erxceptionally good value at only 50l. Available through XStreet at:
So, there are two cheap and cheerful fashion items any virtual mod should take a look at. I hope to see more harrington clad groovers on the dance floor as the weeks go by, go on you know it makes sense!

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