Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Modernist Fashion in SL

Trawling the grid seeking out suitable modernist fashions can be a thankless task, but every so often true treasures can be discovered. I found the Paleheretic design studio early in my virtual experience, they make sharp well textured suits that fit the modernist bill perfectly: thin lapels, three button single breasted. An ideal basis for a modernist twist, which they supply through some highly creatrive patterning.

This black suit, coupled with my trusty Josef white shirt/black tie [where would my modernist fashion be without it, priceless] is a beautiful example of the designers craft and skilled. What appears to be a simple black suit is given a highly creative twist through the use of cool texturing graphics woven into the texturing of the cloth. The suit jacket comes in both open and closed versons; and there are also two versions of the trousers. A definite sharp mod image is achieved through the suit which looks great with a pair of black FKNY shoes.

The green Fatigue suit is not quite so easily absorbed into a modernist look as the black Etched suit. But, the issue only lies with the trousers and the jacket is a wonderful piece of mod virtual tailoring. Worn with a green Meriken shirt and these glorious iconic mod whiite jeans from Unknown the jackets tailoring bellows mod from the roof tops. Once again it has thin lapels but four button single breasted, imperct but not so much as to disregard it as a piece of mod fashion. The sharp detailing on the jacket, and the neat quality texturing all indicate its a worthy investment and certain add to your virtual wardrobe.

Both items have been available for some time and have aged well. Lat time I was in the Paleheretic store there appeared to be no clothing available. A great shame if they're no longer on sale, I contacted Pale Janus to see what the score was..but Ive blogged them anyway as examples of the cool mod tailoring that is to be found on the grid.

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