Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Modernist Fashion in SL

Another wet dreary morning has me idling about the grid checking what's available when I picked up this cool suit at Sister Strawberry. Its inspired by Japanese school uniforms, but in black its look is distinctively retro with great modernist possibilities and for 150lindens I thought it was well worth a splash. The suit/uniform comes with several variations, tartan trousers or black; open jacket or closed; cardigan, various shirt options too and so its very vesatile. The style is more Bratles/ bet group than pure retro mod but in a grid with scant sixties mod resources the virtual mod fashion victim seeks solace where he can and this makes a fine addition to the virtual mods fashion digest.

Well crafted with lots of neat prim details [shirt cuffs at the sleeves for example]; nice texturing and an eye for sharp design this outfit is a baragain at its price of 150lindens, as I have seen inferior types selling for far more. The grey trim and detailing of the blazer/jacket do emphasise the Beatlesque nature of the styling but it is so well done I forgive it that and matched with my workhorse Josef shirt it definitely looks suitably retro.

Sister Strawberry

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