Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Thats [a week of virtual] Entertainment

Does it make me dull that I follow a pretty standard timetable of clubs throughout my virtual clubbing nights out? Answers on a virtual postcard.

Its Monday night so I'm at Original Soul Rebels HQ to catch Boone Blancos set which is generally a glorious soulful education, I am hearing stuff here most times I wouldnt, a lot of stuff I'm familiar with but then the odd unheard gem comes spiralling through the stream. Yeah if you want to funked to the core of your soul this is the place to be.

But life isnt always sweet, so while Albion danced his feet off I was actually elsewhere in that strange environment Real Life, ahh well scanning the chat log it looked like I had a good time and there's always next week.

Rolling into Tuesday and it my first instalment of DJ divas Eden and Kim as they skank through two blindin' sets at the AA <))) Alternative Indie Club. Eden played the first hour with Kim finishing off the two hour set, plenty of soulful mod and skanking ska to get the bouncing crowd dancing. Except for Scotney Sean of course who never dances in the virtual world, but does a mean kilted highland fling in Real Life, or so I was told by ..err cough cough. And that brings me to this weeks instalment of Sean sentence:

"Bath salts are the way forward!"

Oooooh there you go a little bit of  philosophical bath water from our resident Scotney guru. And, still the crowd danced on...

Some great tracks and a fun fuelled couple of hours, mod is growing across the grid and this regular gig lies at the heart of it. The wonderful Small faces finishing off the night in magnificent style, even without the majestic Brian!!

I also popped over to the MERSEY SIDE CAVERN for a brief visit, and heard a few groovy tunes whilst I brewed a hot choc and got myself sorted to log off, some nice sixties tunes wafting over the airwaves as I sorted myself out.

So, Tuesday is also put to bed, I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Wednesday started better than expected, Ilogged back on to find myself in the midst of a sixties set in the Cavern being streamed in by a cowboy DJ Sergio- hey he had a stetson a a Yankee accent thats cowboy enough for me. So, I leapt to it put on my dancing shoes and hit the floor to boogie on to some cool sixties tunes including my favourite Byrds track, nope not Mr Tambourine Man but the sublime 8 Miles High, ahhh simply divine.

What did you think of the smooth DJ like typed segway, yeah because Wednesday is a funking soul night led by the delicious Miss Divine over at the Ruins.

Its difficult to beat a sunset ruins with some awesome tracks oozing out of the stream, whilst surrounded by the friendliest funkiest geezers and geezerettes [is that a real word? I think I just made it up] on the grid. Hurling gestures, laughing, lapping up the tunes and just having fun,,everything a virtual life was created for. Oh no I'm singing as I type ,,"i wanna dream about you babeee" its not a pleasant sound,,,,,but I'm having a ball. The awesome tunes kept falling out of the stream one after another, while we danced on and on...blissful.

Mods need a house full of soul and it is here in the bucketfull.

And, to top it off the wonderful Maddie gave me my own gesture how cool is that! Yeah this virtual mod life is truly good for the soul, and thankfully full of soul too.

Then on to Thursday, no guessing required. Its a Thursday which means only one place for me to be,,,Soul Mods Mecca, reeling from some straight shiooting from DJ Kim and Eden who'll be firing some red hot mod down their two smoking barrels,,,no room for blanks in a the blazing heat of a mod bonanza.

Somewhat blurry eyed I sat through my new copy of Quadrophenia , delivered by those lovely Amazonians, whilst Phil Daniels and Franc Roddem warbled along with their commentary; I then bunged in the documentary disc and watched that too...ideal preparation for a night of modernist mayhem at Soul Mods Mecca, a true highlight of my virtual week.

Rezzing into the sim late I miss the fun of the 9.00pm sim reboot ; a great way to start the night, and have to do some tping and relogging to drag myself out of the grey; which I succeed in doing only to condemn mein hosts to a Brigadoon existance for the duration on my viewer. This meant Dugi and Aston were no more than balls of mist, was it worth their sacrifice for me to look good,,,obviously it was. Being a ball of mist didnt stop them dancing or having a great time, it takes more than a trip to Brigadoon to keep these mods off the dance floor.

Eden opened up the set and played some stormers, despite Virgin attempting to tear her down; and she was followed by Kim who hit the ground running with a monstrous version of "If I were a Carpenter" by the Four Tops that had Dugi swan diving like there was no tomorrow...man that track blew us all away. The two girls delivered again and had us foot tapping - room stomping; while we discussed the finer points of Wellerdom. Yeah, the modfather raised his head this evening and we rabbited on like kids in the playground, and y'know what it was great. Like minded people, having a bit of fun listening to magnificent tunes whilst slurping on a brew..life is fine my friend, life is fine.

Next up...Friday, open slots and no idea what the night will bring.

Friday arrives and after a shout from Boone Blanco via the OSRHQ group i find myself at Funk-O-Rama, now I hope that SURL works as I often find myself in a huge German commercial district, check it in search and you'll hook a lm there. Come enjoy some great music and listen to Werner and Boone funk duelling. Its a stylish build with great music an ideal start up before you head off in search of a whirlwind of virtual entertainment. As for me, it was time to don a tux [that nice one from Blaze,] and head out to CZ Estate Ballroom  for lady Divine's late night funk set.

It was a party atmosphere at CZ Estate Ballroom with many of my favourite Second Life people present, santa hats and antlers were everywhere as the grids funkiest groovers danced into the midnight hour. Divine played a wonderful set, that had me singing out loud , and my feet tapping until i even had a small twirl around the study,,yes I'm afraid I couldnt resist,,just "Feel the need in me"

Dugi and Aston insisted on this shot to prove they're more than ,,,,,cheeky sod that Albion geezer!

The music and the people were just what I need and what a fantastic way to end five days of virtual entertainment. Mods from across the grid began to tp into the ballroom to enjoy a nights spectacle of soul and funk. Boone took over from Divine around 11pm and I proceeded to murder another beautiful track with my strangled vocals, while the gestures rattled the airwaves: ~*LUPO*~ ~*ASTON*~ ~*DUGI*~ yeah the old crowd were stomping up a storm and it was a pleasure to watch and be a tiny part of it. Ive met some great people through these mods nights and many were here to enjoy this rollocking good time.

As for Saturday, thats locked down with the opening of the 5.15 club, mods galore.

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