Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ahhh return to Soul Mods

Not sure if it was because we'd had a Yuletide break but Soul Mods was on fire both musically and chat tonight. Jokes and mockery galore I was laughing so hard it hurt...almost. The new format was in place with Eden playing the full two hour set, well I think she did, more on that score later.

There were some fantastic tunes and an appreciative little crowd lapped them up, it was a class act and I was having a ball, brilliant beat bands interspersed with large dollops of soul,  no mean feat to keep us buzzing but Eden did it majestically,,,ooh I think I'm being too nice, must be something to do with the number forty three, oops! A good crowd were in attendance and all was going well until my router fecked up and boing I was out of there, and I'm bolloxed because it wouldnt reconnect so I slopped up to bed, hope the geezers had fun. Also as it was my own hardware I cannot even have a rant at Linden Labs, nope not even an average one. So, a blasting night cut short by a technical failure but I enjoyed it while I was there.

However, all is not lost as rumours persist of a Northern happening at Soul Mods tonight [Friday] with another special DJ spinning us back to bliss, its 1-3SLT, normal Soul Mods times. you better be there or you'll miss out.

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