Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Albion's gone AWOL

 A month on and the blog is even quieter, anyway basically my mum is ill and that's consumed a lot of time, she's been transferred from home to the hospital down here as its the place where they do this kind of treatment. Shit hit the fan and things went from bad to worse, after a lot of heavy stuff things seem to be back on an even keel, bizarre considering the seriousness of her illness because of what had occurred we are all quite upbeat. Anyway, visiting has consumed most of my evenings or I'm just not in the mood to laugh so I've been absent from my local and favourite virtual club. Indeed I have only done this update to let the sods know I've not abandoned my virtual life, I look way too good for that, and am sad to be missing the fun and madness but hopefully should be able to gate crash the club soon. Its unlikely I'll be updating much but do hope to be inworld soon, need my fill of scouser madness, spanish sophistication, cockney bovver, etc etc.