Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Modernist Fashion in SL

White Light White Heat

This look has Britpop overtones rather than classic retro mod style, the high collared leather jacket and cap are very reminscent of the early nineties style of Britpop behemoth Oasis, the white jeans are classic mod in any decade.

The cap is scripted, for size and colour, and comes from Argrace is a great accessory and comes with blonde hair so requires no fiddly adjustments to wear it without your hair poking through the hat. An excellent addition, but not strictly mod more a generic sixties [check Lennon] or NeoMod item.

The white leather jacket is fronm Armidi, and is also stylistically NeoMod rather than a classic modernist fashion piece; but, worn with the white jeans from Unknown Boutique it creats the all white look of the ace face as seen in many retro photographs of the period, just tweaked to match a NeoMod look, yet still retaining its essential modernist foundations. No crime in experimenting with the modernist look to create your virtual mod image.


Thursday, 25 March 2010

I keep coming back for more

Sometimes I wonder to myself why do I idle away my time listening to tunes in Second Life when I could listen to superior beats on my I-Tunes? Then a night like Tuesday at the AAi arrives which reminds me why its such a joy to seek out virtual clubs, listen to awesome tunes in the company of like minded people. What such nights have that my wonderful I-Tunes lacks is conversation, something new being brought to the deck and fundamentally laughs. And, there were so many on Tuesday its hard to know where to start.

It started slowly, Kim took to the decks at nine which I think caught a few people unaware and immediately started thumping out some storming tracks. Sean was pensively pacing whilst listening to the football in ye olde Jock land, but best not to go there, he was grumbly enough when it was a draw, so I doubt he took the loss well I pity anyone who crossed his picket line. But, the laughter didnt really start until the unfortunate Graz arrived.

Small, naked but for his prim coat tail and trouser flares he arrived looking like the teen disco kid wearing his dads old suit. Obviously he was overwhelmed by shuddering waves of sympathy; well he would have been if we were'nt all such cheeky gits. So a succession of plum jokes, and naked ruth jokes plummeted his way while he rerezzed to no avail and we mercilessly continued to mock him. He logged out came back in we laughed he logged out. Yes, it was cruel; yes, it was not how friends should react to anothers suffering; but it was so funny we were victims of our own comedy lifeline and if I blame anyone I blame Graz and his plumless dwary clone. However, all good things finally come to an end and Graz eventually got to grips with his rezzing issues and returned to us as a slightly effeminate Cliff Richard, it just wasnt his night. Beware of the new viewer it reeks havoc with your virtual style credibilty.

Throughout all this Kim continued to blast out some terrific music and the dancing and enjoyment went on, poor Eden eating tofu sausages missed a great set; after about ninety minutes we lost Sean - coincidental? But a few others arrived and the club began to groove. Lupo made an appearance relagating me to second coolest geezer in the club, third if you count Dugi but I rarely do, oops ... only joking ... no, seriously I dont. Shauna was caught snapping people, aha another fashion blog or just overcome by my pixelated gorgeousity. A blinder of a night, most of my virtual friends on the scene were present and Kim entertained us royally. Is it really any wonder I keep coming back for more?

Shauna [just about], Albion and Goski

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tunes at the Twisted Wheel

I have been dragged into a virtual clubbing slowdown of late. Two causes of this, firstly my inability to spend as much time inworld as I once did and there's a myriad of readons for this; and secondly, the demise of good mod nights out. The 5.15, undoubtedly one pf the best looking clubs on the grid appears to have entered hibernation, the soul clubs are still functioning but often clash with each other, the AAi seems to be suffering low turn out of late, although I am culpable as I've missed a few myself. Soul Mods continues to fly the flag, but real life affairs have put a stumble on Friday Northern Soul, but I believe a remedy is at hand. Despite this shift I have been to a few cool night on the grid and strutted my funky stuff.

I headed to the Twisted Wheel on a couple of occassions and heard some great sets from DJ Dragon, Boone and Evenstar who played their regular slots. A wide range of tunes on the various nights I was there: generic sixties, classic mod, authentic Northern Soul and some chilled soul tunes too, providing a wide appeal for the range of clubbers who wandered into the club. So, although I was pretty quiet I had a couple of fun nights listening to some sharp grooves during my time ion the grid, just wish there was a touch more variations in venues sometimes and am pinning my hopes on a fantastic 5.15 relaunch, you never know it might happen, fingers crossed it does. Until then I'll enjoy myself at the cool clubs that are providing smart sixties beats on the grid.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Mods on the Grid. Episode nine

It often seems that the virtual mod scene is an utterly British affair, but there are several non-UK based virtual mods, and some of them are not even European but, shhhhush American. Now our colonial cousins with their korfeee and pancakes for breakfast as opposed to tea and toast, might seem a little strange, indeed when I first encountered them I was a little afraid, so loud so different, not unlike your first girlfriends younger brother. But now I quite like them, and am delighted to see that some have rejected spandexian Bon Jovi and joined the virtual mod camp.

Milev is one such individual, I have only met him very briefly at clubs due to the time differences that plague a global community. But brief as those encounters were I could see he had a sharp dress sense, firmly grounded in modernist style, a cool hair cut and was groovin to somwe chilling tunes. An ideal candidate for my mods on the grid. So i hit him with a note card which he kindly completed and sent back to me. So mods and modettes I present out first US Mod on the Grid, Mister Milev Milev.

  • Milev Milev

Top Mod Clubs:

  • 5:15
  • The Twisted Wheel
  • Any empty mansion in SL
My Top Five Tracks Would Be:

  • Work Song by Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames
  • Tears of a Clown by Smokey Robinson &; The Miracles
  • Senor Blues by Horace Silver
  • Return of Django by The Upsetters
  • Almost Grown by Small Faces

My Top Three Stores Are:

  • Arai
  • Ordinary Design
  • Whippet & Buck
What is great about being a Virtual Mod:

  • It doesn't cost half a fortune to cover myself in nice clothes, and its a good way to meet with mods from all around the world.
What would make Virtual Mod life better

  • 1) More music events that are convenient for those of us across the Atlantic!
    2) More vintage style suits
    3) A never-ending flow of linden dollars
Best Mod Band:

  • My favourite mod band was or is :Mose Allison
Now those essential Smash Hitsian type questions, giving an insight into the inner pschye

My Favourite Colour is:

  • Red...............................

My Favourite Cup Of Tea is:

  • No tea, only espressos!..............................

Hob Nob or Digestive? Which one are you?

  • I'm American and I've only ever had Digestive, so I guess that takes my vote by default?................

  • Friday, 19 March 2010

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    Mod Dandyism

    The move into what I shall term Mod Dandyism, occured in the mid sixties as the mod fashion shifted on its axis and the faces moved to a far more flamboyant dress code. Frills, startling bright colours and a shift away from conservative browns and greys signalled the move towards psychedelia culminating in the abandonment of mod and the creation of introspective hippydom. Interesting the mod Dandyism style is easier to achieve in Second Life than the earlier retro dark suited style of the early sixties, as exemplified in this purple crushed velvet suit modelled on the Hollywood folly Austrin Powers. Its possible many will scream this isnt real mod fashion, and I guess they are correct, even borders on 1980s New Romanticism, but as virtual mods following the music into the midsixties period, I thought feck it lets extend the fashion horizons too. No need to follow, plenty of casuals or NeoMod options listed but if your coming on my fashion odessy grab your ruff and climb aboard the Vespa.

    To achieve this mod dandy look I took a classy suit from Sartoria
    and added a ruff to the shirt collar. The high chinese collar of the grey suit jacket easily lends itself to this brand of restyling. I grabbed the ruff from a random shirt in my inventory, and with more forethought I would probably have attached ruffled shirt cuffs too, in keeping with the Austin Powers inspired shagadelic vibe that eminates from the mod dandysism retroism. Some sharp shoes, and a rather severe hair cut from KMADD's freebie locker [remiscent of Sting in his Quadrophenia ace-face pomp] and a cool pair of coloured lensed shades and the image is complete. Mods on the road. Posing at the Twisted Wheel sim up against the graffitied alley walls always imbues snaps with a griity mod vibe, and that acts to tone down the frilliness of the danyism in this snap. See its all artsy fartsy today, ha haha.

    In this ensemble, dandyism is taken to extremes of modernism. The trousers are from Hoorenbeek, as blogged earlier. The waistcoat, shirt and cravat/collar are from the steampunk store To-a-T and were picked up at the RFL Clothes Fair, but they have several stores across the grid. The texturing on the union flag waistcoat is wonderful and the fabric design is ideal for a popart inspired modernist dandy looking to accentuate the flamboyance of his style. Again its the severe KMADD cut and also a cigarette and pose the divas of male virtual fashion. The cuffs were FREE from SF Design, a neat addition thats gives the rather plain shirt a touch more life. The waistcoat and shirt come in varaiable layes, and also in female options too, affording the versatility I yearn for in my virtual tailoring. The cravat is also scripted to change colour, with charts and codes provided in the folder. The epitome of mod dandyism its unlikely this rather Edwardian look is for all but for mods with a mid sixties psyche yearning and a fashion boldness, grab what you can and stride out onto the floor babeee.

    In essence this style is about bold bright coloured suits and shirts with ruffles, accessorize with other items of bling if thats your thing, think Austin Powers, only cool rather than a plonker and all will fall into place. 

    Modette Fashion in SL

    Obviously I'm a geezer, and I like to waffle about geezer things but I have decided to shelve my predjudices and flag up the ideal store for the aspirant virtual modette. I dont think there's many modette's who has not bought at least one item from this store, and I'd urge any geezers to check it out too .. our stuffs in the cupboard on the right. Classic retro items, popart inspired prints, two-tone sharpness its all here so if your heading out for a night of retro soul or sixties beat check in grab some stuff and look the business, far superior to a leather clad biker chick ... honest, would a geezer lie to you?

    You can check out the stores nearby too, get a great scooter, or other items from Slates Scooters; whilst Lady Chelsea also stocks sixties inspired gurly outfits.

    Wednesday, 17 March 2010

    Time for Tunes

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    Italian Masterclass

    Finding classic virtual tailoring with a definite flair in a virtual male fashion world obsessed with ragged low rider jeans and T-Shirts can be quite a toil. For the mod looking for flamboyant sharpness wrapped in retro tailoring it can be difficult to locate the correct stylists in the virtual world. Fortunately there are a few designers who realise male fashion is not all about overt gay flaymboyance and brutal hetero ruggedness. One of the foremost male fashion houses producing items that are useful for the aspirant virtual mod is Sartoria. Its fashion muse is firmly grounded in classic Italian styling and they produce a wide range of beautiful suits thats should get any mod's wardrobe off the ground and running.. This wonderful black suit is a fine example of their creative powers. The texturing is delightfully done and it comes with a host of layers providing the versatility virtual fashion cries out for.The neat hankerchief in the breast pocket is a neat touch and gives the suit a classic early sixties retro vibe that is ideally suited to the modernist  seeking an authentic looking item for is virtual wardrobe.

    Next is this magnificent leather coat, an essential for any ace-face virtual mod. Whilst the parka declares your mod status the leather coat defines you as a face amongst the crowd and thats the goal of every mod virtual or otherwise, fashion attention seekers to our very core. The texturing on this item is another piece of excellent workmanship and the three quarter length ideally suited for those seeking a retro classic. I've not purchased this item but if I was seeking another leather coat this item would be top of my list. 

    Check out Sartoria, they ask a premium price for much of their work but they deliver in style and content, a good base for building your modernist wardobe.


    * Note: the snaps in this posts are taken of advertising pictures within the stores and are not my creations, a cost cutting excercise ... cant afford to buy everything, lol

    Saturday, 13 March 2010

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    I grabbed these FREE Hoorenbeek trousers last weekend and think they are a great addition to my wardrobe, Hoorenbeek are a premium virtual brand so anything free from them is worth snatching immediately. As ever, the texture work on this item is magnificent, and it comes in regular and low-rise version; plus with or without prim cuffs so they are covering all bases and increasing the versatilty of the item. Olive green a classic retro sixties modernist colour, dark and sombre but not as conservative as a grey or black. Matched up with this great beige/brown Fred Perry and some great suede loafers the trousers create a nice mod look, ideal for chilling at a club or posing in front of a multi-coloured wall whilst convulsed in a bout of virtual vanity. No longer available for FREE, nevertheless Hoorenbeek do have regular monthly freebies available so keep an eye out. In the meantime take a tp and check out the store, whilst they move towards the expensive end of the virtual fashion pyramid they are creative conservative designers and produce some outstanding items; many that ideally suit a sixties brief.


    Friday, 12 March 2010

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    Shoes, a crucial aspect of your virtual mod persona, the correct shoes mark you out as a face amongst mods, the wrong shoes establish you as a fashion fodder. A safe bet is black or brown formal, Italian style loafers preferably, but brogues or oxfords and Dr Martin style are perfectly adequate. But, what if your looking to chill and dress down, awesome trainers are a brilliant NeoMod choice but for a more traditional classic style grab yourself a pair of suede desert boots.

    It took some considerable time to find the right virtual version of this modernist retro classic; finally I found a range at Maitreya which look great and are suitably styled to match my modernist demands. Wonderfully sculpted the shoes come in a range of subdued colours, there is a fatpack available if your feeling flush, and with a mid range price tag of 400l per pair they are not going to break the bank. Ideal for wearing with jeans and a polo shirt, or T-Shirt, they are also terrific when paired with a suit, transforming the most bland virtual suit into a sharp piece of mod styling.

    I would definitely add a pair to your mod wardrobe, a retro classic and in the virtual world I have yet to discover any better.


    Thursday, 11 March 2010

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    There I was looking to chill out in a T-Shirt, so I rifled through my inventory and discovered I was a touch short in that department. I have masses of them but they're either freebies plugging some store or unky or trance inspired spirals, only a handful of sixties or mod inspred shirts, so I went in search of some. Luckily in the Twisted Wheel where Dragon Bogbat was wearing a sharp Jam T-Shirt, so I asked for a lm which he kindly provided and I was off on a shopping spree.

    There was a huge collection of T-Shirts available, mostly rock, film or comedy inspired but amidst the masses were some highly suited to the NeoMod looking to chill. The classic Union flag was an obvious buy, as was the The Who target shirt, I also grabbed the Oasis shirt as a nod to Brit Pop, and the revivalist royalty the Jam shirt was an essential. Two others with less than obvious mod links were the George Best and Ali T-Shirts but as iconic sportsman of the sixties I felt they were definitely suitable and obvious candidates for modernist pop art. Coming in a variety of layers the T-Shirts are very versatile, they are also tintable so you can colour them as you please or just stay with the standardised white. They do not come with a jacket layer so they tucked in look slightly formalises the style but thats ideal for a rather conservative retro sixties style. I like them a lot, indeed I also grabbed a Liverpool Football Club shirt, but the less said on that the better. So, if your looking to flake out whilst still upholding your mod credentials go grab a chilled T-Shirt.

    T-Shirt Action

    Tuesday, 9 March 2010

    Modernist Fashion in SL


    Bought this fantastic grey cardigan at Valiant, its a superbly crafted piece of virtual tailoring and screams modernist once its paired up with a suitable cool shirt. Worn here with a pair of sharp Armidi trousers and the awesome Unknown Boutique button down shirt the Valiant has a truly authentic retro mod feel to it. The little white motif and the excellent textured work, plus prim sleeve cuffs make this a wonderful casual, yet hinting at smart, dress item well worthy of a place in your virtual wardrobe.

    Also from Valiantis this great jacket, with its neat breast pocket detailing, it comes with a neckerchief texture and shirt/sweater too [altho I have worn the Unknown Boutique shirt underneath] which combine to give a rather sharp revivalist modernist look. However, because the item is single layered it lacks the versatility of the best Second Life creations. Far better to have jacket, shirt, sweater neckerchief on a variety of layers in a mixture of combinations to allow for greater versatilty in its fashion adaptation. But, despite this petty complaint the jacket looks very mod and when matched with some cool trousers, shades and haircut it is a wonderful modernist item.


    Monday, 8 March 2010

    Mods on the Grid. Episode eight

    Its that time again, and on the hit list tonight is the wonderous DJ Eden. Half of the modette dynamic duo Eden plays great sets at both Soul Mods and the AAi, while she and Kim have their own clothing range [ModSquad Design]  next door to the Twisted Wheel, go check it out: only a couple of items for blokes but a shed load for you mod girls, very high quality, authentic looking designs that scream retro at you, if only Albion looked good in a skirt.

    Things to note, don't mention Eden doing Simon Cowell, Kim was very drunk at the time, and never eat a Kentucky Fried Squirrel in her presence, its not a pretty outcome. Part of the mod DJ rota [with Kim and Sean] Eden is regularly blasting out great tunes at the clubs and is a marvelous supporter of the scene turning up at many other gogs by the other mod DJs. Yep another great modette and its great to list her up on here.

    • EdenSky Cortes

    Top Mod Clubs:

    • Soul Mods
    • AAI
    • 5:15
    My Top Five Tracks Would Be:

    • Tin Soldier - SF
    • Gimme Some Lovin - SDG
    • (I Love her so much) it hurts me - The Majestics
    • Mr Creator - The Apollas
    • 8 Miles High - The Byrds

    My Top Three Stores Are:

    • The Unknown Boutique
    • ModSquad Designs (lol not voting for my own stuff here, as Kimberley makes stuff too!)
    • Boing Fromage
    What is great about being a Virtual Mod:

    • Well being a child of the 70's I missed out, and only really experienced the revival though my older Brother, always had an interest in all things mod from a very early age so it's great to be able to experience it (of sorts) even if only virtually! :)
    What would make Virtual Mod life better

    • the usual...less drama more decent mod cloth and more parties!!!

    Best Mod Band:

    • My favourite mod band was or is : Small Faces
    Now those essential Smash Hitsian type questions, giving an insight into the inner pschye

    My Favourite Colour is:

    • the colour of my mind ;)...............................

    My Favourite Cup Of Tea is:

    • not tea its coffee LOL..............................

    Hob Nob or Digestive? Which one are you?

  • last time i looked i looked like me!................

  • Saturday, 6 March 2010

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    HellBop Trousers

    HellBop specializes in Fifties Americana fashion, but fortunately some of the trousers in these fifties collections can be applied to your sixties mod look. Its possible to take the bright colourful techno popart fabric designs and slide them seamlessly into a retro mod fashion brief.

    These black/ white striped trousers are a classic example of how easily the fabric design can be swallowed up into a mod look. Paired with the correct shirt, sweater or jacket combination you can create an intrinsically mod mid sixties style with a minimum of effiort. In this instance a stark black roll neck sweater from Artilleri with complimentary sixties styled shades confirms the trousers are architypal sixties fashion designs, of the bolder more daring mid sixties era .. at which point the mods had discovered colour and were on the verge of sliding away from rhythm and blues and into psechedeklia. I would say there is a claim to mod fashion on the cusp of this shift but thereafter the mods descend into hippiedom and the style is lost until it re-emerges in its more severe skinhead form in the late sixties early seventies.

    The paisley fabric of this second pair probably has more of an attachment to the sixties than to the fifties and so is even easier to absorb into your mod fashion stable. Once again matched with the simple Artilleri sweater and sixties shades this is an utterly modernist retro look that declares your mod affiliations to all who know what to look for. These sets come in several colour variations, and there are other fabric designs available that are suitable for a sixties fashion look. With prim cuffs, and options on belt colouring included they are nicely crafted and look good with a smart pair of shoes and come in at a very reasonable 150L; often clothing of this quality demands twice this price, so they are well worth investigating.

    For some time I have been looking for trousers that exude that mid seventies soul boy vibe, I have tried prim cuffed flared jeans which almost provide what I am looking for; but, these high wasted trousers from HellBop are one step closer to my ideal. Still not utterly correct, they need to be flared but the high wasted styling is very reminscent of what I remember the older soul boys of the period wearing. The textured braces [jacket layer] add to the look of athletic soul boy dancer, and can be worn bare chested or with a suitably small tight vest, which also seemed to be a standard item for the best of the Northern Soul dance heroes. Nicely textured, with prim cuffs the trousers look great with my Jeepers Creepers Oxford shoes, all I need is some talc on the virtual dance floor and I'm set to do my spins and back drops. If you want that seventies look but are tired of wearing jeans I recommend you grab the SLURL and get over to grab a pair of these trousers which come in a range of colours and are also marked at 150l, a soul boys bargain. Get on it! ciao.

    Hell Bop


    My virtual week ended as it began, in a marvelous spiral of Northern Soul, provided by the Baron. Yes, I was back at Soul Mods, or the Highland Room as it is on a Friday revelling in the fantastic Soul set delivered by the Baron.

    So, we gathered again at Dugi and Aston's place for a night of high octane music and laughs. One of the finest things about the Soul Mods experience is the breadth of the chat, you'll land in the midst of topics you'll not here discussed anywhere else. Correct, we may not be discussing significant economic, political or philosophical ideas; our topics included mushy peas, pies, pet fish and the difference between mutton and lamb [its about ,,, err I'll leave that one]. So as you can see we cover a wide range of topics and you'll get a fine education in music and countless other topics by coming along to the club. So why not?

    Besides enjoying our heavy intellectual conversation we were treated to one of the Baron's best sets yet at the Highlands, he was always on a winner with me the second he pulled out the MVP'S Turnin' my Heatbeat Up, and to follow that up moments later with these:

    A great time was guarenteed, Baron never disappoints but with that trio on deck he excelled himself! The set was of the highest quality, the banter was amongst the whackiest I'd experienced in the club and I even managed to dragged me old mate Cough down to the club long enough to stop her falling asleep, for a while at least.

    For now its ciao, a weekend away in reality enjoy your virtual nights out whilst your cosy indoors, its great!

    Roll on next week!

    Friday, 5 March 2010


    No shocks here, yes I was at Soul Mods to listen to a set put together by Scotney Sean. A fine set of tunes rifled out of my speakers throughout my time there, I left as Sean was announcing a slightly extended set. That geezer just keeps on playing records. It was the usual stream from Sean, cover versions of classics, lots of contemporary stuff mixed in with slightly less familiar sixties standards. Sean likes to be different and his set generally is, with some obscurity hurled into its midst to keep us all guessing. Almost all the regulars were there, and the laughs were flowing freely upon my arrival mostly because Josie was being so cheeky, the butt of several jokes, and definitely bottom of the rezzing stakes. One thing that did make me laugh was Sean promoting his own set via a group notice for a different set at a different club, very subtle very seditious, very Sean! So, it was a typical night at Soul Mods we discussed dawgs, dont remember how we geot onto that, I believe there was a blackberry versus IPhone rumble in the jungle, but as I dont really understand either I was kind of lost there. Oh, and we listened to some cracking tunes.

    Sean stuck with his non-Small Faces regime, playing Understanding by Primal Scream this time. And to be fair to him there were so many stand out tracks I cannot begin to YouTube a specific one, so lets leave it at that, the Scotney did good ... more than you can say for their rugby, but thats a whole other multiverse.

    Wednesday, 3 March 2010


    I went to the pub, I occassionally delve into the Real World y'know!

    Tuesday, 2 March 2010


    An exceptionally quiet night at the AAi club tonight, less than double figures and at the end only the hard core five amigos left to dance it out until the pumpkin hour, 11.30pm in this case; but despite the small numbers it was still a lot of fun, listening to cool tunes and having a laugh. We even had another scooter rally, not had one of those for months:

    Dugi, Albion and Aston

    Kim was on the decks for the entirity of the two hour set and played some storming tunes, which had us all smiling and foot tapping. Sean was his usual entertaining self, although does he know he still entertains us long after he has gone as our fairy bellend. Another kimism, although to be fair we all had an attempt at creating a title for him. Shockingly I, or specifically my trousers, came in for some mockery ... those girls they're dangerous y'know.

    Not really too much to comment on, as it was so quiet, suffice to say the scooters look fine, get one Josie that bycycle just dont cut it, the music was terrific, and I had fun, the last being the essential criteria for any night out. So a success in my books.


    SOUL Sensation


    Casting aside the various lurgies that have afflicted me over the past few weeks I made it out into the virtual world. I headed to the Wheel as they were blasting out some solid '79 revivalist tunes, but sadly the sim went down a couple of times and I reluctantly moved on.

    Luckily I got a group message that the Baron was back at the Acroplyse and so grabbing a tp I headed over there. I opted to go vest and trousers in a classic northern style. So polished up my brogues, grabbed my talc, stuck on some beautiful high waisted trousers from HellBop and vest and braces and there I was iconically dressed for a night at the casino, looking far better than I ever did as a fourteen/fifthteen year old back in the day. Looking suitably sharp I ready to hit the dancefloor. At the club it started off with a small crowd but as the night progressed the group notices had an effect and more soul lovers drifted in. Keeping us well entertained with another fantastic Northern Soul setthe soul movers began drifting through the doors.

    Baron built the set up slowly with some fine tunes that had the floor moving before moving into a creshendo of classics, with my own own favourite Turning My Heartbeat Up featuring in his classics section, that had everyone  filling the floor and hopefully having a wee twirl at home too. Such a great set deserved my full attention but sadly with nearly an hour left I had to depart to get an early night, such is the reality of virtuality, we cant always do ecverything we'd like too, even in a virtual world.

    Catch you on the rebound!

    Modernist Fashion in SL

    Remembering back to the mod revivalist days of the late seventies, early eighties one fashion item that became essential wear back then was a cycling jersey, almost everyone had one almost as crucial as a parka. So wanting to revisit this revivalist fashion icon I headed out into the virtual world to locate one. Unfortunately that was much more of a struggle than I imagined, apart from the Noar cycling jersey I failed to find any produced amongst the virtual fashion houses. So time for a rethink and a change of tack, abandonning fashion I instead searched out a cycling shop.

    This search lead me to Jonx' Bycycle shop where I found all kinds of bycycles and a few jerseys. They were not exactly what I was looking for, but the salient features of a cycling jersey were present. They come in several colours but are a tad tame for my tastes; but, we must remember the store makes no claims to be a fashion house its a sports store. The clothing is servicable and will definitely fit that revivalist brief, if not set the room alight. So if revivalist modernism is on your agenda, check the store out.

    Jonx Bicycles Main Store

    Monday, 1 March 2010

    Kerching for Haiti

    A virtual life is without question a frivolous indulgence despite the deep meaningful spin we may put on our virtual play time. But, this frivolity can unite people to do a little something to assist the Real World sometimes. This Saturday at the Twisted Wheel was one such time, where the virtual community rallied to raise some real life dosh and play a tiny role in helping those who have suffered such a mindblowing disaster. So, whilst we may be frivolous, over self-involved and downright narcists we also realise there is a real worl out there with real issues to deal with. So well done to the organisers and all those who took part and helped raise monies for Haiti. Its a mod world, yeah but a caring world too.


    Mixing it at Lunchtime

    Logged on to the grid with the simple aim of grabbing a SLURL to assist a blog post, when up popped a note from Micio announcing that the Good Mixer was hosting a couple of DJs for a few hours. So, revising my plans, putting real life on hold basically, I hopped over to the club to listen in whilst slurping tea and scoffing a pork pie! The Good Mixer has some of the best decour in the virtual mod world and I love to cam around the place peering at the eclectic cxhoices of mod popart that Micio has put up on the walls of her charming club. I put on my best psuedo skinhead brutal fashion wear, a Little Britain piece that has a very vague application to modernist fashion, but what the feck! Strapped on a big pair of shiny boots, grabbed a "Who" T-Shirt and strode out onto the floor. Brutally cool.

    The tunes were good with the DJ, JarvisMdhoney Blackheart, was at the decks and he was delivering in grand stye with some classic sixties standards, new to the grid Jarvis plays a mean set at the Good Mixer and is worth catching. Micio was due to follow him at the decks but sadly time caught up with me and lunch devoured I had to get on with the tedious tasks that comprise my real life. But for an hour or so the Good Mixer lunchtime special [well in the UK at least] kept my feet grooving. There still is a varied soul/mod circuit out there its just having the time to find it. Lucky today I did. Chill it baby and pass the mayo.

    BoomBox Soul

    I wandered from the my familiar Soul pathways on Sunday and found myself at the BoomBox, a splendid soul club that was sending out some ice cool tunes.DJ Airy Miles was at the decks and was laying down some truly mellow sounds, with the stand out tyrack for me me, the sublime Aaron Neville's Hercules. This isnt mod or Northern soul, but if your looking for chilled out soul the set being delivered was ideal. There was a good sized crowd who were enjoying themselves with a busy chat line and lots of grooving occuring. Strictly this more contemporary sounding soul, plus its seventies inspiration is not really my thing but occassionally you need to just put your feet up and chill, for that this Sundays set fit the bill and I mellowed out in fine style.

    Check it: