Saturday, 25 June 2011

Friday Night

So how was your virtual Friday night? Hope it was kinda groovy. Mine? Well mine was shite!

The day started well I logged on to Second Life to have a stroll and received an IM from Dugi telling me Soul Mods was having a big party night for Jellie and Josie, plus there'd be a virtual guitar-fest. All sounded cool and I said I'd see him at the club later. Now Albion being so vain I teleported over and began sifting through my wardrobe keeping it simple I opted for a plain polo and jeans then grabbed my hidden treasure my Hawley guitar as played by the man on his tentative dip into virtual gigging. Yes my only encounter with real life rock stardom in Second Life [that's Albion in the grey jacket lounging in the deck chair]. So all was set clothing plus guitar now go and loiter in the cupboard, log off and take the dogs out cool.

However, I had not anticipated a bits of pollen floating about in the air which meant rather than listen to cool tunes and have a laugh with all the sods; I spent my Friday night lying on the bed in the gloom with my eyes shut, thinking I'll open them in a minute and log on. Then through the blur I figured I would give them another ten minutes to sort themselves out, I kept giving them ten minutes right up to 22.45 when I finally capitulated pulled the duvet over my head and went to sleep.

Anyway, hope all the party goers had a great time, hope those whom the party was thrown for had an even greater time and apologies for not making it, especially after I said I would. Would happily have swapped the eyes for marbles and plunged them in the washing machine last night,,itch!!!!!

So, missed another Friday at Soul Mods as a week early I was home for a Wedding, £9.25 for a Guinness and large white wine think I'll stick to virtual nights out, back again in three weeks or so I better start saving up.

As for Second Life my logging in is on the whim of the old eyes if they're good I'm in if they're not.....fingers crossed there'll be more good than bad. Oh and by the way Albion even made it onto the BBC for the Hawley gig. Stardom at last.


Friday, 24 June 2011

Modernist Fashion in SL

One of the great stores in Second Life is Style Extrem, Upper Man and Happy End who stock many items worthy of inclusion in a revivalist, casualist, indie NeoMod wardrobe. I have several items from here, and one of the best features of the store is its weekly FREE gift. Free clothing is always nice, and should always be appreciated but when its FREE cool and mod our gratitude should enter the realms of monstrosity. My latest cool freebie is an excellent track jacket very casuals or indie and thus an ideal NeoMod item.  Worn with a classic pair of Hoorenbeek trainers and my favourite Unknown Boutique white jeans it helps create a very sharp casuals look. I have also received several cool sweaters, shirts and other jackets. All this can be yours if you join the group and teleport over to the store and grab the selected freebies as they are announced. Be sharp, be mod be free!!!!

Style Extrem, Upper Man and HappyEnd - Mainstore

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Virtual London Fashion Week 14-18 June 2011

No guarentee its mod, or cool. But the poster looked sharp its based in swinging virtual London so what the feck I'll give it a plug. Fills up some space, if you attend hope you enjoy, I'm a couple of days late but nobody here cares anyway, chill.

Virtual London Fashion Week

Check the blog

Monday, 13 June 2011

Real Talent...

Quick reprise of the talents available amidst our wonderful little mob of sods. Unlike me many of the people who are regular attendees at Soul Mods are actually quite talented and able to do all kinds of things. What kind of things? Well, lets rifle through them..there's Kim and Eden who make wonderful clothes; joined now by Shauna with her Subculture range. You can find their store over at the Moonletters sim. Not only are they great sixties designers able to craft cool looking items all three of them can also DJ, no mean feat and way beyond my abilities. Then of course there's the mad hatter Mr Slate McLead - builder, clothes creator, DJ and I think he even understand scripts too. Yeah, Slate's a  veteran of Second Life [2006 I think, OAP in virtual terms] and there are few skills in the virtual world he has not mastered, his greatest creation the much beloved Twisted Wheel is what brought most people together in the first place and inspired others to do likewise. And lets not forget Dugi much mocked for his love of denim and cheapness, its true he gets his clothes from virtual Oxfam, yet its he who built Soul Mods and created a small oasis of modness for us all to inhabit. So, despite all the mockery we are grateful to him and Aston, Aston's talent,,,putting up with Dugi, meet him and you'll soon understand why. D'oh more Dugi mockery its just a habit I cant break. I'm sure there are others, indeed I know there are all the varied DJs that have played at Soul Mods have exhibited talents and technical skills that bamboozle me. And last but not least lets not forget our favourite real life pop star our old mate Lupo the mod from Madrid. Not only is Lupo a great virtual DJ but in real life he can put his own tunes together. This is glorious its mellow its serene I just want to wrap myself in it...a great tune. Doesn't need lyrics its captivating...take it away Lupo.

Careful, its so chilled it might just bring a tear to your eye

Modernist Fashion in SL

Well there I was wondering what drivel I could scribble this morning and decided my mind was blank and therefore I would cop out and basically shove up a lot of links to items I'm too careful with my lindens to snap up. However if I had an unlimited supply there'd be a kerching all over the place. I have also tried to put up a lot of cheap items. Its easier to find virtual mod items for several hundred lindens but getting something for less than fifty is a tough trickier.

Lazy blogging rules.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Its Thursday and I made it!

I  attended Soul Mods on Thursday for the first time in a couple of weeks, wouldn't say I was the most active member there but I strung together the odd line of chat. It was a treat just to be there and hear a great set delivered by the coolest of the cool virtual mods, Lupo the mod from Madrid. A very healthy turn out of sods heard some great music and delivered some great chat, topics this week were:smoking, Canon versus Nikon; oh and whether Stevie Nicks had coke blown up her @rse, yes we are eclectic in our conversations at Soul Mods. I was mostly a silent participant but as ever the chat was busy and funny and everyone was having a laugh. Shauna paraded another of her wonderful subculture outfits, those damn girls [Eden, Shauna, Kim as so clever being able to produce cool sixties outfits] and master fixer Slate was modelling a nice jacket based on a real life Weller jacket, surrounded by so many talented people - arrrgh makes me want to boil my head hahaha. Anyway head boiling apart I had a good time, forgive my silence folks I am honestly having fun I just find it easier to listen in these days, keep the tunes going.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Mens Stuff Fashion Hunt

Hunting prizes seems to be an endless activity in the virtual world, with hunts organised for fashion items on a regular basis. Some are themed for specific genre others are based around the stores on a sim and they are generally heavily biased towards items for the girls. However a while back a few hunts started targeted directed at men, the prizes all being for men. One such hunt is the Mens Stuff Hunt currently running until the 3rd of July 2011. Whilst these hunts are stuffed to the brim with items to find, spending hours scouring various stores to locate the gift item its not often that there are items suitable for the aspiring virtual mod. I had a brief potter about and located the odd one or tow items. So, if you're bored and fancy a look why not participate, join the group find the Blue T-Shirt symbol click on it and away you go.

So what did I find, I liked the Alphamale prize, the preppy sweater which had a revivalist feel to it, I also liked the trousers from another prize, the Brocade Tiger cargo shorts looked good for my Style Council Long Hot Summer romp, plus the Philo shades looked awesome contemporarydesign but so sharp I'd add them The Duh shoes look cool plus I'm sure there'll be a few other pieces out there just need to filter through the items to find them. Have fun.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Odd sods, us? Surely not!

Shauna's Birthday

Amazing what a few days away from the screen does, missed Thursday at Soul Mods and a few other trickles of entertainment, but this IT abstinence meant I was in peak condition for Fridays fun fest at Soul Mods. And, it was Shauna's birthday so what a great night to return for. Slate was DJing, there were a good crowd to celebrate the birthday girls aging and the chat and action was nothing but fun. Dugi had a chocolate cake with a dancing pole installed and obviously went balloon insane....he likes balloons y'know. And, its amazing just how many avatars can fit on top of a large slice of cake. You just don't get this kind of present in real life. Shauna got to select pole dancers as befits a birthday girl and danced with lots of sods and seemed delighted with her birthday treat. Another fun fuelled fest at Soul Mods, everyone appreciating the hard work put in by Slate to DJ on these nights, after all he has a real life too, although how he fits it in with his dedication to the virtual life. Second Life stamina, few can match him,,,,party on like it '67.

I had a lot of fun and made it past 11pm for the first time in a while so that was good, great tunes great laughs great people and cool avatars. The future is retro, party til its ninety sixty nine!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Self Pity Grump over

And so as its Albions rezz day I have decided to play DJ today and just pile a load of , what I think are, cool YouTube videos on here until I get bored of adding them. As Captain Oats said,,,,I may be some time.

Well ten seems like a good number, obviously its easy to fill up the entire blog with great YouTube tunes, but these ten were the first that caught my eye as I typed in Northern Soul to the search facility. Anyway listening to them made my foot tap. This DJing malarky its easy, oh yeah all I'm doing is copying and pasting this is virtual virtual DJing!