Sunday, 6 December 2009

Further Modernist Musings

Ooooh 'eck, I'm writing for a proper blog now with an editor and everything, I just hope I'm up to the task. Shauna Skye generously invited me to contribute to her Moonletters blog and I gleefully accepted, as I can learn a lot from this well established blog, believe me it takes a lot of effort to sustain an SL blog for two years, so I'm hoping to have some fun, a few laughs and steal some techy intelligence to ease  the strain on my luddite brain. It'll be the same Second Life mod waffle that I hurl in your direction here, the Moonletters blog is uber cool and I encouage you all to check it out.

Also harking back to my youth I'm thinking of calling myself the Tetley T-bag kid, as an homage to the mystery hack who scrawled over the Style Council record sleeves [ok it was Paulo Hewitto, ]. Bad idea, probably...I did toy with the idea of the Latte Lad, what do you reckon? All answers on a postcard..or drop a comment if you can be bolloxed.


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