Friday, 4 December 2009

Ferry Across the Grid...

To the Mersey Side Cavern, no thats not a cave in Kirby, but a sharp new club thats opened on the grid, dedicated to things sixties with a large amount of Scouse thrown in too.

The MERSEY SIDE CAVERN is not aspecifically mod or soul club; its more generic covering anything from the mighty mod of the Action, through the gentle melodies of the Byrds into the all out foot stomping soul of the legendary Motown and Stax labels plus much more besides. Its a place to get a sixties fix with a rota of cool DJs laying down the sixties beat. I've enjoyed both my trips there and encourage all to give it a look over especially the early sets to get you into the groove for those big mod and soul nights out.

Definitely one to add to your landmark list...altho I'm not 100% convinced thats the mersey outside.

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