Thursday, 20 January 2011

Modernist Fashion in SL

This nice free coat is from  +KiiToS!!+  and is available as part of the "for the Season" treasure hunt. just locate the snowman.

Its a very nice item and has a classic sixties feel wrapped up in a more contemporary style. As with most virtual coats and jackets it comes with prim sleeves, collar and hem. Its a simplistic design, and looks good as a mod item, especially a revivalist piece and is well worth seeking out, good quality free stuff should never be overlooked.

Its a unisex item and as with all prim items a bit of tweaking may be required [I only needed to slightly move the collar so it fit better] but that's hardly a difficult task, I mean I can do it so it cant be! A nice addition to your wardrobe go grab one, but leave it a while  so I look individual for a while longer, hahaha.

+KiiToS!!+ Classic Coat (for THE Seasons Hunt)

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