Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Idle Slacker

So whats my excuse for dropping my regular post a day schedule to this new rather infrequent ad hoc post regime. Well the demise of several mod clubs and the general quietening the scene has rendered me slightly topicless, I cant really keep blurting on about the same half dozen people at the same club day in day out, its not a virtual soap,,hmmmm light bulb moment. Anyway in essence the quiet is due to my far less frequent voyages into the virtual world and the lessening of subjects for me to get my gums into. Say cheese. But here I am basically cobbling together a bit of a piece on the bits of virtual clubbing I have managed to cram in.

As I scribble this piece of tosh Albion is moon stomping his way to delirium at the Soulsville Club listening to a classy ska and rock steady set playing by DJ PT. The music sounds mellow, mixture of original and Two Tone revisions, the people are fun and the chat is lively. Obviously I am absent from the chat, why? Err because I'm typing here, duh. I often call in at the Soulsville but could hardly be called a hard core regular. They play plenty of good music here with a wide selection of DJs, ska is often on the menu as is northern soul and other soul inspired sets along with a few other odd and obscure selections such as their nineteen twenties night! Hey grab a tux and paste on your best Clark Gable tache. The club is run by Marcus Arkin and you're sure of a warm welcome so try it out there is general some kind of entertainment being delivered from 11am SLT onwards, its currently 1pm SLT and the music doesn't look like stopping yet. 

Now, what else virtual have I been up too?

Obviously, I have attended a few nights at the Soul Mods Club, where Slate McLeod has taken up a Friday residency. As always its quality stuff on the stream, and wild diverse chat that roams across topics at will. A warm welcome awaits anyone who stumbles upon this secret mod haven, just leave the biker boots at home, okay wear them if you must. I have missed a few good nights too, Lupo on a Thursday is a sad miss but sometimes real life and kids interfere with my romantic virtual alter ego, Albion's life is so much simpler than mine. What life? Its not real y'know? Isn't it? Nope, bit like this conversation its just you typing out questions you answer yourself. Bipolar anyone, oh feck!

Anyway I think its Eden on decks at Soul Mods this Thursday so get your bum into gear and get over there, should be heading to the AAi shortly but listening to Gangsters before I rush off, see most of you there ciao.

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