Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Modernist Fashion in SL

There are very few classic mod items available in the retail sector of Second Life; the few that exist: Mod Squad Design for womenswear, Slates Scooter Emporium and the odd piece of male fashion wear are worth treasuring as are the odd designer who creates excellent mod styled hair. I discovered another great mod hair design recently and have worn it for a while now, its very sharp and perhaps lends itself to the growing out stage of the skinhead cut, its very nice indeed. Credit must go to Gemma who I saw wearing it a couple of weeks ago and although she couldn't find a landmark she gave me its name. A few stumbles through the Second Life search engine and I located the store. Its great when other people in our little mod circle find cool stuff, makes life easier for me to steal their ideas! Its a great cut this and many thanks to Gemma [hers looks better than mine but shhhhush lets keep that a secret] for pointing me in the right direction.

The store is Little Heaven and I opted for the cut in a platinum blonde shade, I usually prefer more subdued blonde but not realising this cut would be so bright I will persevere with it rather than cough out another couple of hundred lindens for another shade. Besides I'm getting used to it not. Gemma told me her cut required a little modifying as did mine, although she has done a much better job of it than I. I stretched the hair a little to elongate the sides, so there would be hair around the ears, this then meant I had to push it back a little. Its hardly difficult technical stuff, but if your a noobie its always worth saving anything you modify in its original form in case you feck it up, you still have a correct base form in your inventory. Old avies should do it too, but y'know the elderly always forgetting stuff.

I like this hair a lot it has a suede head vibe, early seventies skinhead development, youth culture that is easily absorbed into the NeoMod virtual style culture of Second Life. At two hundred Lindens its also reasonably affordable in these times of inflated prices in the Second Life retail sector, which seems to get more corporate as we proceed with our virtual adventures. Obviously as Gemma pointed me in the right direction its unisex although with the girls having so much stuff out there to choose from this small item may float under their radar.

But, if you're looking for a sharp cut to wear with your jeans, boots and braces this is an excellent choice to go skanking to the uptown ska beat at any of the sharp Mod venues, that have shrunk dramatically, but that's another tale.


Little Heaven

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