Saturday, 26 June 2010

Modernist Fashion in SL

I spent an age scurrying around the grid looking for some desert boots, suede chukka boots, iconic mod footwear. I struggled finding the correct style as too many were the rigid construction boot style rather than the softer suede of the classic desert boots. Finally I found a pair that satisfied my demands and all was well.

But choice is king in the marketplace and the other day whilst scanning through some of the Second Life fashion blogs I noticed a write up flagging the chukka boots over at the Action Surf Store. They looked fantastic and definitely match the brief for mod footwear. Coming in a range of colours they look very sharp and well textured. Ideal for the mod dressing down his suit or just chilling in his jeans. If you don't have this style in your inventory and are looking to purchase a pair I suggest you check out the demos, well worth adding to your mod wardrobe.

While checking the desert boots another item caught my eye, for Chelsea boots. A fashion design classic the Chelsea boot is an authentic retro fashion styling and would suit most modernist wardrobes to give that nondescript suit a real retro look. The boots, like those above, come in a variety of colours and are well made sculpted items that many NeoMods, especially those with a heavy Beatles influence [not strictly mod, but its hard to separate the two in many peoples minds] may wish to add to their fashion folders.

Again, get yourself over to the sim and check out the demo shoes. There are also the occasional usable items lurking in the store that can be drafted into mod fashion in the correct circumstances. But, these two footwear items are classic retro and well deserve a place in the virtual mods wardrobe.

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