Monday, 30 November 2009


... my Second Life week at Butterflies for another motown lunchtime session, a beautiful way to ease out of the weekend and slide into the rigours of the working week.

DJ Sam Czaczke lays down a blindin' set of motown sixties classics, ideal for snapping out of the Monday melodrama that afflicts most of us as we struggle to get a grip on lunchtime life in the UK. That of course is the odd thing about Second Life clubs like Butterflies that attract a global crowd. Here I am in Blighty having my late morning brew; meanwhile there is an Aussie girl over there dancing the evening away before she slides off to bed and a Yank behind us having his 5am breakfast whilst his west coast compatriot who should really be asleep is souled out on a groove. Yeah, its a crazy wonderful virtual world we inhabit.

A fun morning, dancing my pants off to some outstanding soul cracking a few jokes and having fun chatting with the people in the club,,,all thriving on a duiet of high octane sixties soul! If you like your soul classic with a Detroit beat this is the place to be on a Monday for a couple of hours as Sam spins the disc from three til five SLT. Ah, as iI type a little Diana Ross supreme romance drifting over me....reach out and touch.

Yeah get into the groove, grab your scooter and get yourself over to Butterflies and start a Second Life Monday, or finish it perhaps, on a glorious diet of soul!

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