Friday, 11 February 2011

Whats On? Nuthin' Much.....

So I spent an hour our so wandering the grid looking for groovy mod hangouts as I felt I may have been a little one dimensional on my travels of late. So as Dugi and Aston had been to a mods night at the WestEnd Club I figured I'd go check it out. Its a pretty standard design club some might go so far as to call it bland, but for the mod night they put up some really awesome graphics and it looks quite dramatic. As it was the middle of the afternoon in the UK the club was quite empty, which allowed me to have a good mooch about, nice big dance floor and a couple of DJ booths, ideal for a mod or soul stormer. Hopefully more mod nights will follow and I'll strut my stuff there under a Brighton skyline with mod graphics illuminating my virtual mod credentials.

Later I decided to check out Micio Bravehearts club, sadly as she is based in Japan Micio club misses out on much of the UK based virtual mod action. But her wonderful little club looks fantastic. She has a selection of great mod graphics around the building plus plenty of gadgetry things I don't understand but find very cool. The club was empty as it often is when I visit, timezone issues but there was a nice stream of music flooding in from a DJ on mod radio, so Albion put on his dancing shoes while I listened to some groovy tunes and chilled out. Empty clubs are cool places for chilling if the music is too your taste and empty clubs that look great and have plenty to look at are my ideal hideaway, leaving Albion to pose whilst I entertain myself listening to tunes and getting on with real life stuff, no chat line to worry about; no need to worry about causing offence by blanking people. Just cool tunes no irritating popster DJ talking over tracks, its like I-Tunes only somebody else is picking the set.

Micio does play sets at her club and the few I have heard have been very good, do if you see her flyers or notices in the search section, go check the club and tunes out. It wont disappoint and you'll hear some unique mod sounds, non-UK mod DJs bring an added bit of spice to their sets; often they play tunes us xenophobic Brits wouldn't get to listen too. Widening our tastes and letting us hear stuff that's very new to our ears, we should be very grateful for taking the time out to DJ for us, as I'm sure we all are! Hopefully my virtual life will stretch out a little I'll be online more often and catch a set or two from Micio, however at the moment I barely make the sets orientated around GMT, so I need to pull my finger out and get virtual. Hope to see a few good mod nights at a few different clubs. the punters are there, so are the DJs just need to locate club and a night and then entertain us.

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