Saturday, 5 February 2011

Kaleidoscope of Name Tags

A very busy night at Soul Mods on Friday, lots of new faces, even some noobies and yes we were kind to them. It was Slate's regular DJ slot and as ever his blend of eighties revival and sixties standards had us all animating our pixels excitedly as we typed our typical stream of drivel and laughed away a couple of hours. Lots of sharply dressed mods in tonight and others whilst not mod looked wildly exotic and wonderful, a fabulous virtual night out whilst not moving from my chair, unless you count trips to the fridge and the odd stomp around the study to an old favourite or two. C'mon admit it, I'm not the only one singing and dancing in real life too, oh I am ... feck!

Regular virtual nights out meeting up with old friends and new has pretty much become my reason d'etre for inhabiting the virtual world these days. I rarely visit the track anymore so my legion of cars and bikes lie dormant; its not often I explore new sims and its unusual for me to go to new clubs,,I think my virtual life has become a little predictable, a good or bad thing? I'm unsure but so long as the predictable is as much fun as it was on Friday I couldn't give a rats arse.

It was also good to see my old friend Cough who jumped on a TP and spent an hour or so at the club, old friends and new its the crux of a virtual experience.


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