Wednesday, 11 August 2010


I nip off-line for a bit and on my return I get told the Twisted Wheel is no more ... again! A pity but not unexpected. One good bit of news is Micio Braveheart of the Good Mixer Club has opened a shop above her club selling a few classy mod items for a fantastic price i bought a cool Lambretta T-Shirt for a throwaway 5 lindens, its a multi-layered piece and so is very flexible. There are some chilled earrings for the modettes plus a dress and the T-Shirt is unisex so once more plenty of scope for the modette looking to sharpen her style and the odd piece for the peacock mod geezers. So if you have a few lindens burning a hole in your pocket teleport over and make a purchase. All being well I shall make my majestic mod return tomorrow at the Soul Mods club, unless that's bloody shut down too.