Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Modernist Fashion in SL

My absence from the virtual world lead to a pile up of freebie items in my inventory which needed sifting through to determine whether they were worth keeping or not. One of the folders [from Rodas Designs] contained a multi layered leather waistcoat, probably aimed at the leather clad biker market but it reminded me of an old media article commenting on early mods that I had seen on You Tube, a North London face had mixed a leather waistcoat with his sharp mod clothing to get a really cool look. Therefore I wore the leather as a shirt layer threw on my ultra reliable Josef white shirt/ black tie combination and searched for a few other items. The hipster Armidi trousers which i favoured were too low slung for this look so I opted for the higher waisted Hoorenbeek in navy. Having slipped on the trousers I then needed a jacket and after much deliberation I opted for a light grey King jacket from one of their suits which complimented the other items nicely. A suitable pair of shoes, a sharp hair cut from KMADD and I was set. Its interesting how quite an effective modernist look can be achieved without splashing thousands of lindens at one of the top end virtual designer stores.

Postscript the background for this snap was located at the gallery here

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