Saturday, 28 August 2010

Modernist Fashion in SL

There I was adding a few snaps to a Flickr group when I came across a great fashion snap that oozed sixties style; a quick add followed by a quicker request and here I have my first guest fashion piece, even though its still me waffling just better quality pics than my usual feeble attempts at techy stuff.

What drew me initially to this shot was the hair, very Weller circa '79/'80 combined with the excellent poses it screamed sixties cool. The all black clothing adds to the feeling of relaxed confidence typical of the scene. I could have gathered all these items and fumbled about trying to recreate it; but I felt it was cooler in its original format so thanks to Beelly Blanco for allowing me full use of his work. Armidi are one of my favourite designers, Italian classic design the foundation of sixties modernism. These sharp black pants matched to the simple but well textured sweater give a very cool style and the plain black loafers from Kalins adds to the beatnik modernist cross over. However for me the item that propels the image into mod stardom is the hair from UncelWebb. It is one of the classiest pieces of modernist hair styling on the grid, right up there with the legendary GL Menace, as worn by virtual mod face Lupo Lexington. Both share Welleresque stylings and this new discovery now firmly sits in my mod folder, what a find!

Again thanks to Beelly for letting me use this shot, an excellent slice of uber cool mod fashion, get on your scooters and get collecting.


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