Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The rise and fall....

During my roaming I made a rather sad discovery learning that the 5.15 Club was no longer in existence, the construction following the Twisted Wheel into the inventory Warehouse. A rather sad affair as I really enjoyed the early days of this club which I felt was a spectacular looking build, indeed I often popped along to use it as a backdrop for snaps. After speaking to Davey it seems time issues just meant he wasn't making best use of the club and so he's shelved it, no drama just part of the cycle of virtual club land. But, its definitely a great loss in my eyes to the virtual mod scene.

So back on board the virtual bandwagon I headed to the AAi Club to catch Kim's 9 o'clock set, pleased to note some mod venues still exist. There was a good crowd present and all seemed to really enjoying the wonderful tunes that were been streamed by Kim. Marvelous stuff had me eyes shut warbling along to myself [thankfully for those present] whilst occasionally dipping into the chat stream. Most of the regular criminal fraternity were present: Dugi, Aston, Graz Shauna, Josie as well as DJ Kim, plus a few others who seem to have become regulars during my absence. Seemed to be brewing for a great nights entertainment but around half way through I got the call from real life that meant I had to shut off and go. A shame but still a great return for me to a fabulous little club with a fantastic DJ stream ice cool tunes to a very appreciative gang of mods and modettes, scruffy gits but hey I'll forgive them that ... err except for the bryl cream boy, you know who you are don't you!

Catch you all at Soul Mods on Thursday, enjoy your Second Life.


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