Friday, 27 August 2010

Virtuality Peaks

So here I was sat in the back room surrounded by "the boy's" junk in what used to be my study but now seems like a refuge from Toys R Us and I keep getting little messages pop up on the e-mail on the crappy steam powered laptop the school supplies the missus with. These little notelets are flyers from Soul Mods telling me what a great set Lupo is playing in the club. Great, I cant get on the PC so I'm left tormented by these little fragments of virtual life that are inaccessible to me. Then, finally I get back in world chat to Dugi he tells me Lupo's sets have been amazing, I clap with glee tell him I'll be there Thursday and ... yeah my modem goes fizz no Soul Mods for me. Then the wife has the cheek to expect a real life holiday, I mean doesn't she realise I'm having a virtual crisis. Anyway all this was finally laid to rest as I got all tech issues resolved, and headed off to Soul Mods to catch the Spanish superstar in action, no not Nando in Turkey but Lupo in Second Life!

I was a tad late so lots of familiar and  some unfamiliar faces had already arrived and were already hot to the groove. Lupo plays and eclectic set very different to the other DJs, which is fantastic be very dull if they all sounded the same, with several tunes that were way off my register and so it was brilliant to get an opportunity to hear them, a thought echoed by the crowd strutting their stuff on a crowded dance floor. The music swung from mellow chillaxin to heart wrenching, foot stomping dance you bollocks off soul. And I am confident to say that many of us did, I annoyed the wife by singing and I didn't care less it was a sublime set of tunes and I loved it.

With so many familiar faces, including scooter maestro Slate, an impromptu scooter rally seemed highly appropriate and the club is big enough to accommodate a little scooter dodgems. There were many fine machines on display Dugi and Lupo's custom builds modelled on real scooters, Slate was on a chilled black machine and I was on my trusty Union Jack model, same as Boone. It was funny watching a huddle of scooters trundle across the dance floor. They looked great and reminded me I must talk to Slate about a Scooter with a Mods Second Life logo theme for a paint job, my middle aged memory isn't what it was so I'll forget this later so Slate if you are reading this, which your not bad lad, there's a project for you.

As the room was full of virtual faces there was obviously so superbly chilled outfits on display and despite the presence of uber mod Lupo and legend in a tea cup Albion I have to give the best dressed man award to Slate. Even sharper he designed and made the suit himself, a talented lad eh? I know what you're think .. what a twat! Ha ha ha ha. It was a sharp brown number with what looked like a sculpted lapel complete with a neat little badge, sharp spotted red shirt similar to the blue one he sold with his Weller inspired suit and then complimented this with the ice cool FKNY loafers in dark brown to set the standards high for the next Lupo gig. Eyes hidden by shades, as usual, even the goatee couldn't detract from a very sharp mod look. For once the guys were on a par with the super cool modettes dressed in their union flag fabrics and monochrome chic. Yeah lads we struck a blow for virtual masculinity now lets revert back to type. Fashion waffle warning means the Guinness jar is empty and I need a refill; therefore there shall be a slight journalistic repose whilst I nip out to the shed and grab a couple more cans ... talk amongst yourselves.

In order to save this from becoming the life and times of Slate Mcleod we will now move on.

What made this night so great was being surrounded by so many friends from the virtual world all having a laugh and enjoying each others company. Lupo entertained us royally and his sultry Mediterranean tones had the girls wibbling, its similar to wobbling only more graceful. There were some fantastic one liners hurled out in chat, Boone calling Slate a "light bulb" had me laughing for ages, still am smirking just a little. Stand out tunes, a version of The Snake I had never heard before, The Who Can't Explain, a much underrated track which I prefer to My Generation, there were plenty more but remember them after several Stellas can prove quite a challenge. All in all undoubtedly one of the best virtual nights I have had a quite some time and to cap it all the baron is hitting the decks next week so the king of virtual Northern Soul is taking us for a spin. Come on admit it, virtual life is great. See you all at the next mods meeting... its gonna be monster*.

*Feck me I sound like that barmy show biz agent I forget his name, Dugi will know it. Oh Ive decided I might call Dugi ... Mr Dugi Eight Track Cortina Rubble, for a laugh.


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