Friday, 11 March 2011

Great Tunes, in my Real and Virtual Life

This popped through the letterbox today, best four quid I've spent in a long time. Almost sixty tracks, some familiar [have to expect that with compilations] but most are new and join my I-Tunes canon. So as my fingers nimbly dance, I wish, OK lets be more honest: as my digit clods over the the keys I'm listening to some damn fine soul. And, talking damn fine soul that leads me nicely into Thursday at Soul Mods where Lupo was making a welcome return to the DJ booth, he has so much going on musically in real life that his visits are less frequent but no less warmly appreciated.

Lupo themed his set so the Hammond organ featured prominently in the tracks he played which kept the crowd very happy, Sadly, for me, I had to exit an hour in so I missed an hour of great tunes but such is life.

However, the hour I did spend at the club was great. There were some great tunes getting an airing, some classic originals others European covers of standards. There was a great cover of "Dancing in the Street" by a Spanish band whose name I've forgotten [blame early onset....] which reminded Slate of a travesty...the dreadful cover of this track by Bowie and Jagger. Now just because it was all for charideee let us not be fooled into thinking it was anything other than abysmal! Those long flapping coats, ugly dancing and the butchering of an upbeat soul classic...terrible. The consensus in Soul Mods was that each and every copy of this '45 should be demolished. Other interesting topics were the new wibbly wobbly boobs function in Phoenix, I saw no bouncing and believe me I looked,,,forensically. Great night shared with the lovely Stella, and her sister Stella, lovely Belgium emigre family but very unimaginative with the names, I was going to introduce a third daughter,,,but time eluded me and she remained in the fridge. So another night cut short I'm convinced that tonight Slate will entertain us royally, who knows what madness he has planned.

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