Thursday, 10 March 2011

Modernist Fashion in Sl

I often wake up early and bored, put the kettle on and click on my I-Tunes to idle away an hour or so listening to some cool Mod tunes, presently this is playing off a neat sixties compilation:

Tunes established I then have to decide how I'll fill in a bit of time sat at the computer screen; sometimes, I head off to the Second Life Marketplace as I've done this morning. Often during these trawls through the fashion morass I see items that I would not buy but perhaps have a degree of mod fashion potential, but I never list them as I dont purchase them. Therefore, this morning I figured I'd kill several birds with a single stone: I'd put up a lengthy post without actually having to type much at all. Also, I will highlight a few mod items that normally would not get blogged and also I'm not required to spend any lindens. So I have basically grabbed the snapshot of the item from its page at the marketplace and then added the link to the item below it. I neither recommend nor do I advise against purchase so the choice is yours I'm merely acting as a conduit into your lindens wallet, and all for free....are you listening designers, hahaha.

Last Eden Parka

One item thats very popular amongst mods, and especially Mod revivalists of the eighties is the leatrher trench coat, inspired by the Ace Face Sting [c'mon don't laugh] in the iconic film Quadrophenia. Anyway here is a selection of trench coats of variable merit and price. Seek and ye shall find.

B11 Men's long coat

Black Leather Trench Coat


As well as a coat every virtual mod is going to need a jacket or two maybe these appeal and can fill that hole in your mod wardrobe.

And as the tunes wind down I think I'll leave this post and leave you to decide if there is anything here worth purchasing, I just dont have the funds to buy everything, despite all evidence to the contrary. Enjoy your linden splashing...I need a coffee refill.


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