Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Silent Dancer

Last night I ventured onto the grid and visited an old club in a new guise. The Soulsville Club unveiled a new construction for PT's rezz day, and from the chat I think its to be a permanent fixture, fingers crossed. Its a great concept, the club is housed just off the platform of a tube station, on the Northern Line. The club itself is minimalistic fitting the stark tube architecture. Old school white tile [as used for the In the City album] with various suitable graphic posters dotted about. Personally I thought it looked great and is a welcome addition to mod architecture since we have lost so many great builds over the recent past. Anyway, enough architectural waffle, lets talk tunes.

The set was a soul inspired set, lots of Motown and Northern Soul, with a diva section from Miss Diana Ross, PT was DJ, for his own rezz day - best option then you get to hear all your favourites. I enjoyed the set was fun listening to some familiar tunes and a few new ones. As ever the early start at the Soulsville means I have real life stuff to attend to so I was my usual silent dancer in the corner listening in and enjoying the tunes, singing along on occasions, the wife loves that! There was a big turnout for the event and the club was buzzing, always nice to see a club full, or even half full, and judging by the chat rifling up my screen everyone seemed to be having a great time. I left as the party was still in full swing, great tunes and a fantastic looking club. I look forward to occupying that corner a few more times, maybe I'll even join in the chat.

Soulsville UK Club

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