Thursday, 17 March 2011

Modernist Fashion in SL

Venturing away from the sombre styles and textures of the early sixties the mods of the mid-to-late sixties started to wear more flamboyant fashion and the standard suit and tie combination was replaced by more raffish alternatives. Hoping to follow this style I headed off to the Marketplace where I sifted through endless naff fashions hoping to locate those few gems of modernist fashion. Eventually I stumbled upon Gizza shirts, looking at the retro range they seemed ideal to fulfill the fashion criteria of the pop art inspired mid sixties.

However my desire for classic modernism remains undaunted and so amidst the array of colourful shirts I grabbed the monochrome white with black pin spots variety. The shirt comes in a jacket and shirt layer, with underpants layer too giving it a degree of versatility sadly lacking in many fashion items who stick rigidly to the single layer sales format. Along with the multi-layers, the shirt comes with prim cuffs and a prim collar. These items fit my avatar and required no shifting to achieve a measured look. Reasonably pricey but nevertheless great value the shirt when combined with a styling black scarf and some Armidi trousers, plus my FKNY buckled loafers produces a stunning mod look from pop art period. Less flamboyant than much of the fashion and far more subdued in colour it is a classic piece of virtual mod fashion. Think about buying one, but stay away from the spots they're mine!

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