Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Modernist Fashion in SL

Discovering what an easy cop out this sticking snapshots up malarky is I have decided its time for PART TWO. So I have the Immediate collection on I-Tunes and am listening to this:

Whilst typing out this drivel. Right lets get too it, less waffle and more snapshots and links, a few here I'd buy myself but....Anyway hope its of some use to some fashion visitors and to others more madness and waffle soon, just chill amigos.

First item up is the fat pack, merely to show the full colour range, each item can be bought individually or you can dive in for a fat pack.

Anthony - Male Business Suit


NeoMods wear leather too, check out this for your NeoMod styling:

::Schoen:: Leather Jacket (Tricolor)

*TSIX BOX 168 Track Jacket

s'LADE MEN - Sports Jacket

s'LADE MEN - Casual Blazer

Unplugged Suit jacket

So, that is this one done, quick sharp possibly very dull, but if somebody finds it of some little use its served its purpose. Besides its economy of effort I'm blogging whilst remaining ostensibly idle, perfect. Therefore, part three is obviously inevitable.

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