Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Modernist Fashion in SL

Tired of the same greys, blues and blacks I head into the SL Marketplace to find myself something new. After a long haul trawl through many items which were either unsuitable or awful or just more linden dosh than I cared to splash on a single small item. Eventually I found a great range of jackets from Giovanni and I opted to buy a white blazer style jacket. The jackets come in two variations one with a blazer style pocket patch and a second without. Its a classic three button style with neat prim cuffs. Worn with a black FS polo shirt and some neat black trousers it creates an effective mod look.

Finding different mod styled mod items is getting more and more difficult, I either find myself repeating items with slight twists or I grasp at straws using items that at a stretch can meet a NeoMod criteria.

..::Giovanni::.. Sport Jacket White w/ Logo

Paul Weller - Desert Island Discs

Found this old radio broadcast whilst flipping through the BBC radio pages, interesting musical choices and an insightful interview.



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