Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Fabulous Wailers

Tuesday had me rifling through the search facility looking for some entertainment, and I inadvertently stumbled upon the Fabulous Wailers gig at Hangar 39. Slipping on my slickest groove clothes I teleported over there. The Fabulous Wailers? Who are they, I'm no expect but they are a classic sixties US garage band, check them out:

Obviously the gig wasn't being performed by the real Wailers it was a virtual tribute band who had put together a set that their avatars mimed too. But, the tunes were great there was a decent crowd in attendance and fun was had by all.

The sound was gritty Rock 'n' Roll tinged with sharp Rhythm and Blues overtones, classic sixties garage, and I enjoyed the neat uniformed avatars strutting on stage with their array of instruments and attitude. A great little gig. I have seen tribute performances in Second Life before and can say this was one of the better ones, its not a live performance but it felt like it could be one. Most enjoyable and I think I'll be checking out this sixties treat again sometimes, if you get an opportunity I suggest you do too.

They have several video clips up on YouTube so check them out to see what they bring to the club scene on Second Life.

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