Saturday, 4 December 2010

What a Week

Foolishly I opted to update my Phoenix viewer and ... yes you guessed it wont load and so now my Phoenix launch is fecked so I am scrabbling around attempting to rectify the situation and avoid being reliant on the hideous Viewer 2, bollox I knew I should have blanked the update information and just plodded on, more fool me. How I miss my reliable user friendly Emerald!

Real life gripped me this week which meant I was a no show at Soul Mods Thursday, but at least all the important people turned hoo, I'll get me coat. Then Friday the car got shunted so I was scurrying around sorting out real life things, but thankfully found time to sit back and chill in a virtual world free of insurance, school runs blah blah. There was an excellent crowd present at the club Friday and Slate delivered a fine set, to everyone there, so familiar and some new. Plenty of laughs as can be expected from a Soul Mods crowd and some suitably stylish avies present, great music fun people and sharp looking avies, its mod my man none of your fecking rock m'laddo. I had a great time, Lupo had a cool photo of himself, that guy is cooler in real life than in virtuality if only I was too, hahaha; with Georgie Fame king of the UK keyboards very sharp. A great time I enjoyed myself immensely and Slate kept the tunes going long after eleven and after I logged off I'm sure they kept the party going like only sharp mods can!

Whilst we are talking real life Sean informed me that the scooter centre link I posted sells dodgy machines. As I only use the site for scooter porn [I think Ive invented a new phrase] its perfectly harmless but anyone thinking of spending actual pounds shillings and pence, please be careful I do not recommend any sites to purchasers I'm merely flagging up some nice imagery or tunes so be careful when splashing your cash.

Back to virtuality I logged in today to grab a few bargain suits from Hoorenbeek and then thought I would take myself back to Soul Mods and remain there until I logged on again, pssst don't tell Dugi he'll be charging me rent. Anyway I was quite surprised on my arrival to find a sharp dressed cool dancer enjoy the tunes. She was enjoying the cool soul stream that was flooding the club and just enjoying the memories it rekindled. Its kind of funny to think of Soul Mods having a life outside of the Thursday and Friday night gigs but its enjoyed throughout the day by wanders and others, I find that kind of cool, Anyway we briefly chatted and enjoyed the tunes, I forgot what I'd logged on for but it was cool I had fun listening to the stream, this virtual life is sweet, whilst I watched my ten year old nephew on the One Show via I-Player. My Hoorenbeek suit looking cool but not as sharp as the lone modette dancer who looked very cool indeed!

After the stresses of the last few days I need to hear something mellow, heard this on the radio and its sound, whilst the chorus is awesome its cinematic babeee so sing out loud:

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