Thursday, 16 December 2010

Errr its Thingy

So there I was at the AAi on a Tuesday, yeah I am that predictable, having fun listening to Claire Thingy play some awesome tunes. All the usual suspects were present: Graz Thingy, Meri and Thom Thingy, Josie Thingy, Sean Thingy indeed the entire Thingy clan, not forgetting Thingy Thingy in her sharp loafers and green Perry polo shirt! It was a great night full of great tunes by Thingy and his mates The Thingys. Awesome!

Aside from all the bizarre Thingyness, and some visitors bringing a suitcase of bling and complaining about lag [lose the leather upgrade from the old Spectrum chaps] other strange things happening were unusually absent. Graz was on his best behaviour, Sean restricted his prowling and Claire played some blinding tracks. I nipped out for a cuppa and when I returned a few people had drifted away, I didnt realise it was MY mere presence keeping them there. Despite the casualties the club was still pretty full and those who remained were quality and really enjoyed themselves. However I too was a victim of real life timings and failed to make it to the 23.00hrs deadline as I bailed out with half an hour to go. This real life stuff can be a real pain!

So having logged off I left Albion waiting in perpetual virtuality at the AAi until I relog and head off to Soul Mods, or any other event that shuffles out of the cobwebs. If you can cope with the enormous lag FREE lag that envelops the AAi I suggest you get on your scooter, broomstick of mini, but leave the leather chaps and choppers at home please, and get your bottoms wiggling down to the club for a great night out. Dugi appreciates a good wiggle so get that thing going ladies. Its fun its a laugh its all fiction and at the end of the day isnt that what a virtual night out is al about. Hope to see you there. Dont be shy we dont bite, well Sean does but only in a metaphorical rather than a literal sense so you'll be quite safe, besides unless your Scottish you wont understand him anyway! By the way I'm the one they call Grandmaster THINGY!

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