Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Return of the Mod

Well it appears my sabbatical is over [touch wood] I finally managed to reinstall Second Life, but still failed miserably to even locate Phoenix, and after a few test log ins to check i was no longer a sun burnt naked Ruth, with a few odd prim attachments, I think I am ready for a return. Seems as though I am not the only one with wispy cloud syndrome as both Eden and Shauna have been afflicted, being non-techy not sure if its a Phoenix or overall Second Life issue, but fingers crossed its all been resolved and I can maintain some sense of virtual cool. Its all probably some kind of virtual karma for my merciless mocking of Graz when he had his Viewer 2 rezz issues. What goes around comes around... as they say, bugger!

An absence from the virtual world has meant I have been dabbling my feet in the Real World, I discovered the lady who brings me cuppas and beers is actually my wife, who'd have thought that,; and the big black shiny thing hanging on the wall. Well, that's called a TV its a touch like Second Life except the avatars have had more surgical work done. What else have I found myself submerged in, not having Kim's reggae/ska top up I had to buy some Trojan compilations from Amazon along with the crazy Julie Driscioll Brian Auger Trinity album. Entertained myself on YouTube and Twitter, hurling insults at celebrity irritants, I make do with the simple things.

Oh I have also read a few blogs, nice of Shauna to ask where I was in her post on Moonletters blog, and also requesting a few blog posts. Unfortunately a few technical issues both virtual and visual have curtailed my blog wafflings of late but I shall endeavour to make a blog post on Moonletters some time soon. Just need to get in world and come up with an idea beyond whinging. So that's about all, I hope to be in world at the AAi tonight so fingers crossed the mod night is on and I can raise the cool bar a little by my sublime presence. C'mon admit you know I'm the coolest..ok Lupo is, and Slate can make stuff, and Dugi and Aston have the cool club, and Eden and Kim can DJ, and the Baron is a Northern Soul legend, and Shauna has the coolest blog...but apart from that lot, c'mon I'm obviously the best. Honest, would I lie to you?

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