Wednesday, 6 October 2010

First Night back in

Ah I think it was fated that my return to the virtual modernist world would be an auspicious one. Logged on and donned some sharp threads before bracing myself and teleporting into the AAi. Success I wasn't a cloud and neither was anyone else. Shocked to discover Scotney Sean present, but I've been absent so much he may be more of a regular than me; also there Kim getting ready to deliver her set and the other modette superstar Eden.  Struggling with the Viewer 2 I failed to engage Sean in any kind of witty repartee; and any witticisms he may of delivered swooped over my head as I got into a greater muddle attempting to access IMs, inventory etc. My Viewer 2 experience was far from pleasant but the fun in virtual mod land was highly appealing. Dugi and Aston, Graz the hairmeister [more on that later]; Josie, Gemma, Shauna the full monty tonight were here enjoying the tunes and delivering some fun chat. Laugh I almost lolled.

Kim was our DJ tonight and she delivered a stormer with plenty of modtastic tunes to keep the beefits bouncing [welcome to the new lexicon of Albionism, I forget who coined that phrase so I'll steal what little glory it bestows]. Was great to hear so classic Jam tracks, sixties standards and soul sensations, a varied and well constructed set, with a Peelism at the end when Kim hit the wrong button, the great man would have admired that DJ bollox. It was an exceptional bollox too as it meant we got a couple of extra Jam tracks ... that always a bonus. Sharon Tandy up next ... who?

Poor Graz took the brunt of some mockery, although to be precise his hair took the punches. Is it a Mohawk, a mullet or merely and extravagant comb over caught in the breeze. The sharp tongues of the AAi lashed him mercilessly but as ever Graz took it in his stride rolled with the punches and joked along with the rest of us; the epitome of a virtual mod. Leave your ego at the front door and have a laugh, ironic egos are encouraged real ones...jog on! As for my take on the hair, my eyesight is so bad i can barely see him let alone his hair! To console poor Graz Meri threw on a Mohawk, but that seemed to encourage further jokes, blimey its a tough life being virtual. Fortunately I'm so awesome I suffer no such afflictions. Ask anyone. Err please refrain from mentioning my wreckless jumping about each time I hit the chat line when I was confused it was the viewer at fault, not me, obviously.

So a successful conclusion to my technologically imposed Second Life sabbatical. Err no; I'm stuck with a viewer I loathe and unable to access the Phoenix viewer I crave for [if you're feeling generous post a possible link, although all the ones I try lead to 404 ERROR]. But on the plus side I do get to interact with some of the coolest funniest people on the grid; this virtual life has its ups and downs but good friends make the effort and the swearing and thumping computers worthwhile. Enjoy your virtual life, and Ms DJs stick this one on next time,,TUNE!!!


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