Saturday, 28 May 2011

Grumpy, me?

Okay well maybe a little. Whats got me so grumpy its the miserable array of items available to the male shopper looking for sharp sixties items. Specifically the options I'm provided with when I cycle sixties, apparel, men through the search facility at the Marketplace. When I do so I am given a choice of wild Aerosmith style rock leathers in vividly ugly patterns, or similar soft rock ankle boots, next to this dismal offering is some silky styled shirts. Obviously sixties style mean US style camp rock Morrison-lite; shoddy at best. Next to this rock bounty are the Austin Powers inspired frippery of velvet suits from circa '67. And so after again putting myself through the rather pointless task I hammer at the keys and sulk in silence. No, chaps not today; today I'm biting back and voicing my bitterness to all err three of you! And there you have it disillusioned and grumpy, ah well its Soul Mods tonight that's going to cheer me up a little.

Errr laugh a minute the mod from Kansas* take me home Toto.............

When I saw this I immediately thought, wow that's a challenger for the uber mod Lupo Lexington, no really,,,hahaha

*I don't think he is really from Kansas but it just felt like a Kansas moment.

Grumpy, me?

Missed last night and had to bail out half way through Shauna's set on Thursday; cant read all chat and am having to spend plenty of time looking away from the screen. Virtual life is a touch difficult at the minute and I'm missing most of the fun stuff, still hearing some great tunes, just its all become a little less easy than logging on and staring at the screen. Funny how easily I took all this for granted, few years back I was happy to indulge in 12 hour Second LIFE SESSION, PARTYING UNTIL 4AM, NOW i CAN BARELY MAKE AN HOUR AND A BIT TOO MUCH TV OR SUNLIGHT FECKS ME UP SO i DONT FEEL LIKE LOGGING ON. bOLLOX YEAH, i'M GRUMPY BUT IT'LL PASS. hOPE sOUL mODS WAS BOUNCING WITH wHOVIANS AND MODS GETTING GROOVY. tRY AND GET TO A FEW THINGS THIS WEEK AND WAFFLE INANELY ABOUT LIFE IN THE VIRTUAL WORLD.

See case in point eyes failed to register caps on and to be honest I cannot be arsed retyping. aLREADY HAVE ONE EYE SHUT AND SQUINTING WITH THE OTHER, KNACKERED, HAVE FUN AMIGOS. Just done it again arrrrrrrrgh!

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  1. Albion, I am really rooting for you that your eyes will start to feel better. I don't blame you for being grumpy; anyone would be. Sorry you missed the Doctor Who thing. It is always more fun if you are there! Seren was wearing some box thing, Aston like Marie Antoinette, Dugi like some pimp-daddy doctor, and I was channeling the spirit of Rose Tyler (Even though I was blonde, but people seemed more shocked that I was in trousers!)... Lupo was there, but he just looked like uber mod as usual!