Monday, 18 July 2011

The Modfather truly has Soul

Now many of us eighties throwbacks who sought mod rather than frilly shirts and kilts as our inspiration during our youth are firmly convinced of the immense soul on display during the Style Council years. And, whilst many yearn for a Jam reunification [err not moi I saw them as a kid why spoil the memory we are all older, greyer, balder and fatter] few call out for a revival of the classic Council line up. Yet, the Style Council oozed modernist class and their songs were soul monsters and perhaps the best way to illustrate this is not to link up some Council YouTube but instead to exhibit a few cover versions. Soul indeed...

Now if that cant convince you of the Style Council's quality, not sure what else can! And while I'm wittering on about quality any techy sods [like Kim Slate Eden et al] who know how to "capture " these tracks from YouTube I'd be very grateful for a copy ta very muchly.

However don't assume all covers are great.....Weller goes all Bon Jovi courtesy of Rod the plod, err I mean mod.

....and lets be frank the Manfred's don't do much better do they?

Now it would be churlish to leave this little post on such sour notes so chill to this better cover if you please.

ciao, more actual Second Life stuff next time I promise hahaha

And much as we adore the past we also look to the future Weller single release for the summer, chill

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